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The Tailwind App 


Pinterest is a social media outlet that allows users to “pin” images and videos to virtual pin boards that correspond to their personal interests. It is extremely popular among people of all ages and has even become another way for businesses to market themselves to potential customers to not only boost sales but increase brand awareness. It allows businesses to relate to their customers more personally by showing them that they share their interests.

The tailwind app, formerly known as PinLeague and PinReach, is one of the leading Pinterest analytics and marketing tools. It allows businesses and other users to measure their performance on Pinterest to see what is bringing them success as well as what they need to improve on. It allows businesses to look at each individual board’s amount of followers, pins, and repins and gives each board a virtuality and engagement score, which measure likes and comments. It also tracks the growth of a user’s profile in one week, two week, and month long increments.

Tailwind also provides tools to help with engaging an audience by showing what a user’s followers like, monitor the most actively engaged followers, discover trending pins, find optimal days and time to pin, and engage with the top influencers.

The app also allows users to check out the competition and develop strategies on how to surpass them. It provides statistics on their performance, their most popular pins and boards, and “identify and recruit” their top pinners.

How to start an account

Pinterest users can start a Tailwind account by going to the website, http://www.tailwindapp.com and signing up by providing their email and pinterest username. From there, they can will have access to a personal profile that will allow them to track growth, engage their audience and optimize content for free. This is all a part of a free or “startup” account that is recommended for users new to pinterest. The “lite” account, recommended for small bussinesses and social media consultants/bloggers, is $29/month. The “professional” account, for small agencies and mid-sized businesses, is $99/month. The “enterprise” account, intended for medium-sized/large agencies, brands and publishers, is available for $299/month. The more expensive the account, the more data the user will have access to.


Tailwing Blog


One of the features on the Tailwind App’s website is an extremely helpful blog. Here you can find Pinterest related articles as well as tips and how-to’s to make your Pinterest account the most successful it can be. It also provides helpful infographics such as this:


Using Tailwind in a Social Media Campaign

Using the Tailwind App would be incredibly useful in a social media campaign. You could see the most popular pins in your genre, track growth, figure out the best things to pin/when to pin them, as well as get ahead of the competitor by observing their strategies and improving on them.

The Tailwind blog also features case studies that provide interesting information about using Pinterest analytics to your best avantage. In a post titled “Walk Through PinLeague’s Pinterest Analytics,” it says that the key to using analytics in a social media campaign is to:

  1. Get to know your audience
  2. Use profile data to get to optimize your content strategy
  3. See your Pinterest ROI
  4. Spy on your competitors

With the Tailwind app, users have the ability to do all of these things, which will in turn greatly improve a social media campaign and allow it to reach the largest target audience possible.


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