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Net-a-porter campaign to launch Porter print magazine

By Elizabeth Bacon

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Net-a-Porter, an online designer fashion hub, wants to produce a bi-monthly magazine, named Porter, with 400,000 copies of each edition made available across 60 countries. This caters to the wide targeted audience of fashionable, savy women all around the world.

The new and improved twist is that it has “shoppable” pages. It enables Net-A-Porter to connect magazine readers to its ecommerce store, as all of the pages can be scanned using the retailer’s mobile app.

What is so unique about this particular brand and campaign? Porter is unique in that it’s a brand new magazine that was designed and created with digital as one of its core features. Some previous cases studies have seen the patterns of failed companies adding a digital layer to existing magazine brands.

The unique ability to shop the magazine is only one part of the magazine’s reason for being. It also gives Net-A-Porter a new and relevant way to communicate with its audience, as the company’s own research shows that its users still buy print magazines.

Vice president says, “the aim is to inspire the consumer from the very beginning of her journey — and follow her all the way to the end… This is a new model for publishing, a blend of the old and the new, and the shopability really inspires me.”

Social Media: 

Facebook page: It doesn’t have any obvious info of the launch of this new print campaign. This should be improved with the profile picture link or cover photos.

Instagram: There is two separate accounts, one for Net-A-Porter as a whole (1.1 MILLION FOLLOWERS!!) and then the Porter Magazine (198 thousand followers). They need to make sure that both accounts highlight each other!

Online presence: already 30 percent of Net-a-porter’s sales come from mobile smartphones, which I think is good results!

How it works?

You shop and scan. Every single editorial page within the magazine contains some sort of digital content, which is an indication of the amount of planning and coordination that goes into each issue. And it will feature APP technology to make it shippable.

How to improve:

I read a review that concluded that only one of the 282 pages in Porter actually tells readers how to use the scanner, with no further calls-to-action throughout the magazine. Maybe Porter’s creative team didn’t want to fill the pages with large ‘Scan This!’ logos, but it means that many people will be left unaware of the additional digital content that lies within.


The digital elements also work seamlessly with the on-page content and provide a decent enough user experience.

Net-A-Porter does content marketing very well! They are good about knowing their customer. Yeoman’s can draw on the findings of Net a Porter’s 7,000 strong customer panel, each of which keeps a detailed diary. Also, they discovered that if a pure online player is prepared to invest in print, then print remains a significant channel for luxury brands.

In conclusion, Natalie Massenet says it best, “We think it’s a continuation of our service,” she said of the forthcoming magazine. “It will be entirely shoppable, ads will be shoppable — we’re going to try and create something completely new there.”

“I know it sounds crazy,” Ms. Massenet said. “It’s not for the fainthearted, but we’re a multimedia company, and in the same way that you have to have a Facebook page and an Instagram account and be on mobile and have a website, you also need to be in print.”

Advertisements – Madison Miles and John Dickson

This semester we’ve learned one of the effective ways to create dialogue with the consumer is to have giveaways. Have you ever wondered how companies analyze and pick winners from Facebook posts? Some giveaway posts can have hundreds or even thousands of likes and comments. How can a company fairly select a winner or winners?

Enter This online tool was designed as the solution to the scenario above. is extremely easy to use and is fast. Your end product is spreadsheet with information on every like or comment on the selected post.

Here is what the setup looks like:

1) Open, click Connect Now


2) Allow to have access to your Facebook

3 2

3) Select which page and which post you would like to analyze


4) Go to downloads folder, and open the CSV file


The main glaring whole with this program is after the data collection. It provides the data collection and makes it easily accessible in a spreadsheet; however, there is little you can do with the information after that. There isn’t a good way to select a participant or participants at random, at least not in Microsoft Excel, which is generally the default spreadsheet viewer.

To remedy this problem, one could move the data to a different program such as Minitab or simply use a different Facebook analytics program. Other highly touted programs that should be considered are Woobox and FanPage Karma’s “Good Luck Fairy” app.

Mini Report #2: BuzzSumo

What is it?: Buzzsumo is an online search and analytics app that works across the main social networks to give your business valuable insights for content marketing and SEO purposes.

It is currently in the Beta Period and is being developed by James Blackwell and Henley Wing.

Cost: free while it is in the Beta Period.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 2.01.01 PM contentmarketing socialmediamarketing


  • Free to use while it’s in the Beta Period
  • Identifies engaging content based on what people are sharing the most on social platforms.
  • Can search for any niche or topic
  • Find interesting content to curate
  • Helps you discover influential experts, writers, and influencers who can promote your content
  • Analyze your competitors top content
  • Analyze what topics, headlines, and content formats work
  • Saves times. A different search platform than Google.


  • In the Beta Stage you have to register with Twitter in order to get full access to the search engine.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 5.35.24 PM

  • You do not have unlimited access to the search engine unless you sign up. You have a quota of how many searches you can do per day if you don’t sign up via Twitter.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 2.01.15 PM

  • Because it is a new app, there is not as much information available as a Google search. A simple search for articles on “fashion tips” on Buzzsumo only turned up one page of results.

How it can be used in a social marketing campaign: 

  • We can use Buzzsumo when creating our editorial calendar
  • We can find and share popular and valuable content (articles, videos, interviews etc.) that our audience would be interested in
  • For us it’s a one-stop-shop. And it’s free!

In summary, BuzzSumo is a good tool and one-stop-shop for formulating your business’ content strategy, finding influential people within a niche and discovering popular content. However, it is still being developed and does not have as much information readily available as one can find on other search engine websites (like Google).

Twitterrific {mary lyndal & drew}

Twitter is a social media platform that can be used in a variety of ways. With only 140 characters of text available per tweet, it’s important that the content be concise and to the point. Blasting out breaking news information or attaching a link to a blog post is a good way for a company to push out content. One can also engage with clients and customers easily, which has made some companies rely on Twitter for much of the macro customer service operations.

It’s easy to send out text on Twitter, but how does one know if it’s being picked up effectively? Well, below are four sites that prove to be beneficial when analyzing the reach of one’s social media grasp.

This service tells someone when the most optimal time is to send out a tweet by looking at your tweets and your followers’ tweets. It’s a free service and analyzes up to 1,000 followers at a time. The processing takes about an hour or two to complete, depending on the number of followers one has. The free version only generates one report per month, but they have a Premium version that can be purchased for a monthly fee of $4, which offers more features.

Twitter #analytics is the name of the game with this website. Its features include:

  • tweets per day
  • how many links you’ve shared
  • how often other people mention you
  • who you retweet most often
  • who you reply to the most
  • hashtags you’ve used the most
  • which of your tweets have been retweeted and favorited the most

This service is used to analyze tweets from all over the world based on topics and #hashtags and has free and premium versions. Once the topic or tag is searched, you can organize it into a “Binder.” The free version includes up to 2,000 tweets that are sent within the past 6 days. It was created for marketing, media, and event companies so that they could develop useful analytics based on things like keywords, hashtags, photos, text-only tweets, check-ins, and retweets.


As discussed in a previous class period, this service lets one see how far a tweet travels, including information on reach, exposure, tweets, and contributors. It shows just how many people are talking about a particular topic or keyword.


For Campaign Purposes:

All four of these websites analyze Twitter usage but in their own ways. While sometimes it’s not fun to have to go to four different places to get the job done, using all four of these effectively will help a company make the best use of its social media coverage. After doing this, you’ll know when to send out tweets, how and when to respond to tweeters about a specific topic, how to manage the buzz in real time and over a period of time. A company can determine which hashtags work best based on the amount of coverage it gets and which Twitter users would be most beneficial to contact about brand representation.

Mini Report 2

Viewbix and Leadplayer

Rachael Headley



 Viewbix is an online video player that allows subscribers to produce video content with interactive applications to assist in accomplishing their business goals.  This is used to allow video sharing in a mobile, social networking and traditional Internet formats with additional abilities to provide opportunity for a “call to action” for the viewer.  These apps allow the viewer to interact with the company while still watching the video.

More than 20% of viewers that watch videos on Viewbix either click the call to action or interact with another one of the applications. Viewbix also tracks each interaction and creates reports so that the subscriber can understand what interactions are most effective in their video players.

Viewbix supports:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Vimeo Pro
  • Other third party videos


  • Free version: One player
  • Gold version: $9.99/month for annual subscription, or $14.99 on a monthly basis
    • 100 players
    • removes ads
    • analytics
    • Platinum version: $19.99/month for annual subscription, or $29.99 on a monthly basis
      • Everything included in Gold
      • 500 players
      • Video galleries and SEO



Extremely similar to Viewbix, but has a much better website and seems to have several more features.

Special Features

  • Opt-in boxes
  • Call to action
  • No  hosting fee
  • No on-going or monthly fee
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • our friend, Pat Flynn, uses it

The first page of the website, there is a demo video to guide you through the website as well as educate you about the product. The demo video (link below) is really clever because while explaining the e-mail opt-in box app and the call to action app they are using it on you.

Another option that leadplayer has is that they offer a free course on how to use and also use a video blog to keep you current on new features, how to better use specific features and other relevant content.

How to use these services in a social marketing campaign?

There are so many ways this idea could be used to market business of all kinds, but I’m going to select the scenario of a non profit.

Facebook, Twitter and blogs are absolute staples to the success of a non-profit. Since non-profits basically work on the support of people and word of mouth is essential for people to hear about it, social sharing is a way that has really enabled these organizations to grow and reach people that have never before been possible. Videobix and leadplayer have apps on the side of the players that enable sharing on social networks to help spread the word of the video that has been produced.

Another important feature that leadplayer offers is the e-mail opt-in function. That way, even if someone doesn’t really realize it, they can supply their e-mail to you for the ever important e-mail blasts.

The call to action buttons in both players can take on several forms. Some call to action buttons are along the bottom banner of the video asking the viewer to “sign up now!” or “click here to learn more!” but an extremely useful call to action for a non profit is a donate button. The video could be an intensely moving video and have a donate button on the screen to drive the viewer to donate to the cause.

I believe the video for the Humane Society below by Viewbix  did a really great job of providing the opportunity for the apps to be used without the necessity for those who aren’t as tech savvy to understand  them all.—-/d23f740ba2e94361b6d67bc2def052d9

Smith’s Pharmacy

Rachael Headley, Julie Matthews

Smith’s Pharmacy: Your independent home-town pharmacy. One location, owned by one pharmacist who employs his daughter as a second licensed pharmacist.
Goal: Build better relationships with existing customers, increase sales, promote health and wellness
Long Term Goal: Add a second location and add two more staff pharmacists

  • People
    – Existing customers:  build loyalty
    – New customers: expose them to why Smith’s pharmacy is different and more personal
    – Reach pharmacists in the area
  • Objectives
    – Get 70% satisfaction on customer service survey
    – Get 500 people to sign up for online health community
    – Get 20 pharmacists for free online webinar
  • Strategies
    – E-mail an infographic on what common medications shouldn’t be taken together
    1. E-mail preliminary satisfaction survey two weeks before the  infographic
    2. E-mail the infographic
    3. E-mail the next survey a day after the infographic
    4. Measure the changes in satisfaction, working towards 70% satisfaction
    – Offer e-mail reminders for upcoming refills
    – Online Health Community website
    1. Allows for an “ask the pharmacist” message board anonymously or by name
    2. Allows for message boards for people suffering with the same diseases,
    serves as grief support.
    3. Measure success by engagement/interaction working towards 500.
    -Webinar for pharmacists
    1. Offering a free resource to existing pharmacists to build relationships for
    future hire
    2. “Bridging the gap between the pharmacist and the customer: becoming more
    involved with your customer”- theme of the webinar
    3. Provide information about the webinar a month in advance to the Professional
    Pharmacists Organization
    4. Work towards goal of 20 pharmacists sign up
  • Tactics/Technology
    – E-mails
    1. Ask customers for e-mails for surveys/infographic
    2. Offer to send refill reminders via e-mail
    – Online Health Community Website
    1. Create a website with an easy to remember url
    2. Develop message board structures/categories
    – Webinar
    1. Webinar software: anymeeting
    2. Create simple website using wordpress to opt-in

Alleè Creative- Halley Smith


Melissa Harrison is the powerhouse behind Allee Creative, a firm that helps small businesses create and understand content marketing.   With a background in business to business marketing, she has the expertise to share.  She’s spoken at numerous conferences about content marketing, and has been named one of the “36 Content Marketers Who Rock” by the Content Marketing Institute.  According to, she believes that businesses must adapt to what costumers want online.


The company, Allee Creative, describes itself as a “strategic communications consulting and design agency” according to its LinkedIn page, with headquarters in Minnesota.


Allee Creative consistently presents itself as a laid back, relaxed company who can still maturely develop your brand while also having fun.  Its Facebook page is topped by a cover photo that includes 5 women dressed in silly hats and boas.  The page seems focused on providing mostly social media related content, which makes sense considering the platform it would be received on.  All of the media outlets Allee Creative uses are very up to date, excluding the Youtube Channel.  The channel hasn’t been updated in over a year, and the videos are very low quality and dated.


Allee Creative looks like it excels in helping companies find a name for themselves and a separate identity to define themselves with. Allee Creative works with over 40 small businesses and companies, including Kraft Foods, Twin Cities Media Alliance and Artisan Salon and Spa.  Clients range from individuals to larger organizations.