ADT Home Security Systems – Natalie Wilkinson

What they do:

ADT is a nationwide home security company that provides alarm and sound systems that greatly aid in home protection.


ADT has a strong YouTube presence.

They have been on YouTube for 4 years.

Typically, they post around 3-4 times per month, which is fairly consistent and often for a YouTube channel.

Their videos range from testimonials to announcing their newest technology (and of course their commercials.)

The commercials are their most popular videos, which makes sense because people could see them on TV, then search for them on YouTube. This is a good way to bring people to their YouTube channel, though. Additionally, these commercial videos are only about 15 seconds, which makes them easy for people to watch.

After commercials, the next most popular videos on their channel are about their new technologies, specifically apps. Ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute, these videos are also short enough for people to watch quickly. With these, the little bits of information given leave viewers wanting to know more about the apps, which leads them to the ADT website for more information.

Overall, through YouTube, ADT’s goal is to create conversions. The videos are all linked to their website, and they all currently have a clickable text box that enters the video when it begins that says “ADT Limited Time Offer” and gives the link to the ADT website.


The ADT Pinterest page is extremely well thought through and organized.

Instead of simply just pinning their own content, their pinterest is focused around being safe in a more general sense, not just home safety.

For example, they have boards called “Hurricane Safety,” “Holiday Safety” and “Safety Tips For Parents.” These categories have pins that go beyond talking about safety within the home.

Additionally, they have categories that are more general but are clearly encouraging the purchase of an ADT system. The “Moving?” category has information for people in the process of moving homes. These are people ADT would want to target because they can install an ADT system in their new home. Also, there is a “Vacation Safety” category. If someone is worried about vacation safety and wants to see these tips from ADT, they probably will also want to keep their home safe while they are on vacation, which is where having ADT comes in to play.

Overall, ADT uses their Pinterest page to show followers that they are experts and knowledgeable about safety in general, so they can be trusted to keep homes and businesses safe.


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