Mini Project #2: Piqora

Maddie Davis + Cameron Thomas

Piqora: Marketing and Analytics Software
Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr
Piqora is the leader in marketing and analytics for visual networks 

What they do:
– primarily analytics for pinterest + instagram + tumblr
–  campaign tracking
–  customizable landing pages
–  diverse promotion types
–  social CRM tools (analyzes social conversations)

Piqora primarily uses interest-based networks – Pinterest, Tumblr, & Instagram. Piqora launched a complete marketing suite & incorporates engagement of custom campaign #hashtags, client conversions & revenue metrics + campaign statistics.

They are able to: gain insight into trending images + hashtags and measure client/customer engagement

Marketing and Analytics:
Trending pins | Measure revenue + follower growth | Compare to competition
– currently tracks thousands of brands on Pinterest
– uses recognition technology to track images + pins

Trending Photos | Target specific Instagram Users | Monitor “Likes” | Host Instagram Contests

monitor comments + reposts | trending images | watch top contributors + reblogs

– Steve Madden               – AMC theaters
– Sephora                         – Hautelook
– Crate + Barrel                –
– Z Gallerie                        – World Market

Why use Piqora:
Piqora would allow a company to monitor a campaign and utilize social media marketing. It would allow the company/client to analyze how to best market the product and see what is trending and working. Piqora is very visually appealing and provides useful information for clients about their campaign. 

@piqora | Piqora on Facebook | Blog


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