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Readings: Beginner’s Guide to SEO

This free beginner’s guide to SEO is the best resource for developing an understanding of search engine optimization, conceptually and in practice.

I highly recommend that you take the time to begin reading through the various sections, perhaps even download the PDF. At a minimum, bookmark this site as a resource for understanding SEO.

If you only read one section of this beginner’s guide this semester, focus on this section:


Engagement on Twitter

Example of Twitter nugget and how to embed tweet to include your source, if you can’t squeeze it all in:

Taylor did a great job of offering a really valuable nugget on boosting Twitter engagement, but didn’t include a source. So I quickly searched for videos and engagement on Twitter and found a post about a study by Twitter analyzing a vast library of tweets from verified users.

 This may not be the source for Taylor’s nugget, but it confirms what she shared. I then added to the discussion to ask whether the results would hold up for non-verified users. We’re all likely to click on video links from our favorite celebs and about breaking news. But do we take the time to watch videos linked and shared by casual followers?

Email Marketing: Not What You Say, but How You Say it

It is clear that companies who spam via email have given email marketing a bad rap. However, studies show that email marketing is still the number one cheapest and most effective way to contact the masses.

It’s rather funny to think how important just one or two lines in an email can be. It could be one or two lines too long, or maybe those few sentences just aren’t appealing enough to your potential consumer. Each sentence you put (or don’t put) into the body of an email is crucial to keeping your prospective customer hooked.

As most people have heard since they were a kid, “the first impact you make on someone is the greatest,” it goes the same for hooking potential customers while sending that first welcoming email.

I have reached out to the rookie social media search engine site, Quora for feedback to find the best welcome email ever received.

Seersucker and Lace: A Wedding Planning Podcast

Seersucker and Lace, a new wedding planning podcast by Augusta Clark, Hannah Granbery and Hilliary Hallman, discusses the ways to plan a southern girl’s dream wedding.

In the first episode, we discuss the ideal southern chic wedding, wedding planning on a budget and unique color schemes for every season.

Direct Download Link for Episode 1.

In the second episode, we feature a few untapped first dance songs as well as numerous do-it-yourself techniques to add a personal touch to any wedding.

New tool provides faster Facebook analytics

PageLever provides analytics tools for brands with Facebook Pages and has just introduced a new tool that lets you visualize user engagement on those Pages in real time.

In a recent article on, Todd Wasserman explains how PageLever provides you with charts showing which status updates are hitting and for how long.

“In theory, being able to see this data in perspective in (almost) real time will let you manage your Page more effectively,” Wasserman said. “If a status update is getting unusual traction, for instance, you can amplify its effect by buying a Promoted Post. By noticing the ebbs and flows of post reactions, you can better schedule status updates to maximize your impact. As an added plus, the tool ranks your recent posts not in chronological order, but by engagement so the posts with the most fan reaction rise to the top.”

How to Use Facebook and Twitter Without the Internet:

ImageWe all hope to never be in a position when we are without internet or the ability access to any of our social media outlets. However, after Hurricane Sandy, many people living around the Eastern Seaboard lost all forms of internet and wifi connection.  Without a way to tweet or facebook post, people felt isolated from the world and stranded from communication.

Author Lorenzo Biccherai tackled the issue in an article explaining how to activate facebook and twitter on your phone without any sort of wifi or internet connection.  Through this process, each person can find comfort in knowing they are able to reach others and seek help regardless of the circumstances.