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Show Notes for Postgrad Paths

Postgrad Paths show notes
Episode 1: “The Pathway to Nursing: Accelerated Nursing Programs”
Host: Julie Matthews

The episode begins with an introduction to the show’s concept. “Postgrad Paths,” is designed to put a spotlight on various directions a person can go in life after he or she completes an undergraduate degree. Each episode will focus on a specific postgrad direction.

“The Pathway to Nursing: Accelerated Nursing Programs” focuses on accelerated nursing programs that allow someone with a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field to pursue a nursing career.

After an introduction to the podcast concept, the first portion of the show focuses on background information about these programs, including the difference between BSN and MSN programs.

The next portion of the show is an interview with Laura, a student currently enrolled in a MSN accelerated nursing program. She provides an inside look into this program, sharing both practical information and her personal experience. Additionally, she gives information about steps to take for those seriously considering pursuing an accelerated nursing program.

The final portion of the show is devoted to general information about nursing, including job outlook and work environments. Additionally, there is information about advanced practice registered nurses and the different specialties available to them.

Online resources mentioned in the podcast include:
American Association of Colleges of Nursing
Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook

Samford Football podcast script


Show open/welcome

Welcome listeners, introduce our topic, hosts, content of that week’s show

Recap of Saturday’s game

Talk through previous week’s game, maybe play a few radio highlights/coach interviews

Talk about the ‘Dogs in light of the SoCon standings, national landscape, hit on potential postseason chances/implications

Interview with QB Andy Summerlin

Other two hosts take over at this point (J.T./Hunter)

Introduce week’s guest, background info, etc.

Questions on previous week’s game, team before/after that game, morale heading into next week’s game

Preview of upcoming game

Back to three hosts (Jordan leads)

Talk about next team on schedule (Wofford), how they matchup against Samford, Bulldogs gameplan for game, that week of practice, etc.

Preview next week’s show, tease of scheduled guest, show content, etc.

Show close