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Big Data & Retail

New infographic from Monetate explains the big data phenomenon in the context of retail:

The Retailer’s Guide to Big DataMonetate Marketing Infographics//



Key Performance Indicators

Social Media Strategy: How to Develop a Strategic Plan
Good information here. She uses goals where we use the term objectives (P-O-S-T)

Measurable Social Media KPIs

9 Search and Social Media KPIs to Start Tracking Right Now

The Difference Between Social Media KPIs and Success: Why Likes and Retweets Aren’t Enough

3 Strategies to Measure Your Social Media

Infographic from BrandPoint on how to measure content marketing

Brandpoint Infographic How to Measure Content Marketing – Madison Miles and John Dickson

This semester we’ve learned one of the effective ways to create dialogue with the consumer is to have giveaways. Have you ever wondered how companies analyze and pick winners from Facebook posts? Some giveaway posts can have hundreds or even thousands of likes and comments. How can a company fairly select a winner or winners?

Enter This online tool was designed as the solution to the scenario above. is extremely easy to use and is fast. Your end product is spreadsheet with information on every like or comment on the selected post.

Here is what the setup looks like:

1) Open, click Connect Now


2) Allow to have access to your Facebook

3 2

3) Select which page and which post you would like to analyze


4) Go to downloads folder, and open the CSV file


The main glaring whole with this program is after the data collection. It provides the data collection and makes it easily accessible in a spreadsheet; however, there is little you can do with the information after that. There isn’t a good way to select a participant or participants at random, at least not in Microsoft Excel, which is generally the default spreadsheet viewer.

To remedy this problem, one could move the data to a different program such as Minitab or simply use a different Facebook analytics program. Other highly touted programs that should be considered are Woobox and FanPage Karma’s “Good Luck Fairy” app. for Pinterest


The Tailwind App

Pinterest is a social media outlet that allows users to “pin” images and videos to virtual pin boards that correspond to their personal interests. It is extremely popular among people of all ages and has even become another way for businesses to market themselves to potential customers to not only boost sales but increase brand awareness. It allows businesses to relate to their customers more personally by showing them that they share their interests.

The tailwind app, formerly known as PinLeague and PinReach, is one of the leading Pinterest analytics and marketing tools. It allows businesses and other users to measure their performance on Pinterest to see what is bringing them success as well as what they need to improve on. It allows businesses to look at each individual board’s amount of followers, pins, and repins and gives each board a virtuality and engagement score, which measure likes and comments. It also tracks the growth of a user’s profile in one week, two week, and month long increments.

Tailwind also provides tools to help with engaging an audience by showing what a user’s followers like, monitor the most actively engaged followers, discover trending pins, find optimal days and time to pin, and engage with the top influencers.

The app also allows users to check out the competition and develop strategies on how to surpass them. It provides statistics on their performance, their most popular pins and boards, and “identify and recruit” their top pinners.

How to start an account

Pinterest users can start a Tailwind account by going to the website, and signing up by providing their email and pinterest username. From there, they can will have access to a personal profile that will allow them to track growth, engage their audience and optimize content for free. This is all a part of a free or “startup” account that is recommended for users new to pinterest. The “lite” account, recommended for small bussinesses and social media consultants/bloggers, is $29/month. The “professional” account, for small agencies and mid-sized businesses, is $99/month. The “enterprise” account, intended for medium-sized/large agencies, brands and publishers, is available for $299/month. The more expensive the account, the more data the user will have access to.


Tailwing Blog

One of the features on the Tailwind App’s website is an extremely helpful blog. Here you can find Pinterest related articles as well as tips and how-to’s to make your Pinterest account the most successful it can be. It also provides helpful infographics such as this:


Using Tailwind in a Social Media Campaign

Using the Tailwind App would be incredibly useful in a social media campaign. You could see the most popular pins in your genre, track growth, figure out the best things to pin/when to pin them, as well as get ahead of the competitor by observing their strategies and improving on them.

The Tailwind blog also features case studies that provide interesting information about using Pinterest analytics to your best avantage. In a post titled “Walk Through PinLeague’s Pinterest Analytics,” it says that the key to using analytics in a social media campaign is to:

  1. Get to know your audience
  2. Use profile data to get to optimize your content strategy
  3. See your Pinterest ROI
  4. Spy on your competitors

With the Tailwind app, users have the ability to do all of these things, which will in turn greatly improve a social media campaign and allow it to reach the largest target audience possible.

Mini Project #2: Piqora

Maddie Davis + Cameron Thomas

Piqora: Marketing and Analytics Software
Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr
Piqora is the leader in marketing and analytics for visual networks 

What they do:
– primarily analytics for pinterest + instagram + tumblr
–  campaign tracking
–  customizable landing pages
–  diverse promotion types
–  social CRM tools (analyzes social conversations)

Piqora primarily uses interest-based networks – Pinterest, Tumblr, & Instagram. Piqora launched a complete marketing suite & incorporates engagement of custom campaign #hashtags, client conversions & revenue metrics + campaign statistics.

They are able to: gain insight into trending images + hashtags and measure client/customer engagement

Marketing and Analytics:
Trending pins | Measure revenue + follower growth | Compare to competition
– currently tracks thousands of brands on Pinterest
– uses recognition technology to track images + pins

Trending Photos | Target specific Instagram Users | Monitor “Likes” | Host Instagram Contests

monitor comments + reposts | trending images | watch top contributors + reblogs

– Steve Madden               – AMC theaters
– Sephora                         – Hautelook
– Crate + Barrel                –
– Z Gallerie                        – World Market

Why use Piqora:
Piqora would allow a company to monitor a campaign and utilize social media marketing. It would allow the company/client to analyze how to best market the product and see what is trending and working. Piqora is very visually appealing and provides useful information for clients about their campaign. 

@piqora | Piqora on Facebook | Blog

Twitterrific {mary lyndal & drew}

Twitter is a social media platform that can be used in a variety of ways. With only 140 characters of text available per tweet, it’s important that the content be concise and to the point. Blasting out breaking news information or attaching a link to a blog post is a good way for a company to push out content. One can also engage with clients and customers easily, which has made some companies rely on Twitter for much of the macro customer service operations.

It’s easy to send out text on Twitter, but how does one know if it’s being picked up effectively? Well, below are four sites that prove to be beneficial when analyzing the reach of one’s social media grasp.

This service tells someone when the most optimal time is to send out a tweet by looking at your tweets and your followers’ tweets. It’s a free service and analyzes up to 1,000 followers at a time. The processing takes about an hour or two to complete, depending on the number of followers one has. The free version only generates one report per month, but they have a Premium version that can be purchased for a monthly fee of $4, which offers more features.

Twitter #analytics is the name of the game with this website. Its features include:

  • tweets per day
  • how many links you’ve shared
  • how often other people mention you
  • who you retweet most often
  • who you reply to the most
  • hashtags you’ve used the most
  • which of your tweets have been retweeted and favorited the most

This service is used to analyze tweets from all over the world based on topics and #hashtags and has free and premium versions. Once the topic or tag is searched, you can organize it into a “Binder.” The free version includes up to 2,000 tweets that are sent within the past 6 days. It was created for marketing, media, and event companies so that they could develop useful analytics based on things like keywords, hashtags, photos, text-only tweets, check-ins, and retweets.


As discussed in a previous class period, this service lets one see how far a tweet travels, including information on reach, exposure, tweets, and contributors. It shows just how many people are talking about a particular topic or keyword.


For Campaign Purposes:

All four of these websites analyze Twitter usage but in their own ways. While sometimes it’s not fun to have to go to four different places to get the job done, using all four of these effectively will help a company make the best use of its social media coverage. After doing this, you’ll know when to send out tweets, how and when to respond to tweeters about a specific topic, how to manage the buzz in real time and over a period of time. A company can determine which hashtags work best based on the amount of coverage it gets and which Twitter users would be most beneficial to contact about brand representation.

River Pools and Spas: Content Marketing. By Emma Crist and Ashley Martin


River Pools and Spas is one of the largest in ground pool construction companies in the country. Their main offices are located in Maryland and Virginia. In 2008, the company’s CEO Marcus Sheridan felt as though his company had lost control of their marketing as a company, because the company had little to no web presence.

Sheridan had no prior experience running a website, but when he stumbled upon Hubspot, a marketing software platform, he began to learn about inbound marketing and the process of creating valuable content.

He created a blog and decided that it was important to share meaningful content that would be beneficial to his customers. He didn’t focus so much on trying to sell swimming pools. Instead, he created content that would be helpful to people who wanted to invest in a pool.

He was able to identify high-quality leads by taking advantage of Hubspot’s marketing analytics tool. This helped him to find and target the customers that were most interested in closing a deal.

By using Hobspot, Sheridan was able to:

  • Increased organic traffic 120% in three months
  • Reduced PPC (pay per click) spending 50% compared to 2009
  • Expanded blog readership to over 6,400 visitors and 260 subscribers in just one year








“It is unbelievable what happens when a business owner, who knows his business better than anybody, can start to let their creative juices just flow. That is what happened to me and that has all been because I finally had the keys to my business,” Sheridan said.

Analytics of Share This, Add This and Slick Social Sharing

Share This:

provides rich set of analytics to understand social behavior of users sharing content to your site.

1. summary page- quick overview of sites sharing activity. summary page shows a graph of shares, clicks and page views that resulted from overall sharing activity with a speciafic time period.

2. sqi score: measures the social quality of a website against the share this publisher. Favors social interaction over a broad reach puts audience and content in spotlight.

3. shares by channel: Find out the social channels that have the most sharing. For example Facebook, Twitter, WordPress etc

4. Most shared content:  Know the most shared urls on your site.

5.Detailed url share stats- click on specific shares and find out who shared it.

Share This a great company with pretty cool analytic options.

Add This :

AddThis social analytics allow you track how, where, and by whom your content is being shared. These reports are designed to give you powerful statistics on sharing trends in real-time and over the last 24 hours, including:

  • what content is being shared and driving traffic back to your site
  • how visitors are sharing, including address bar copy/pasting
  • detailed analysis of your audience
  • alerts when important changes happen
  • insights in real time
  • meet your audience
  • share your reports with others

Add This is is one of the up and comers when it comes to analytics. Its reports are very detailed. I like the this  sharing because it allows you to share your analytics with people.

Slick Social Sharing:

Slick social share buttons adds facebook, twitter, google +1, linkedin, digg, delicious, reddit, stumbleupon, buffer and pinterest pin it social media.

1.Button panel options: Allows you the ability to float the button around your site.

2.set display page pages

3. Twitter url shortening

4.short codes and social stats

This is a very new and popular analytics program. It seems to be very highly ranked among different social media blogs. I would recoomend checking into it to this and using this on a new site website or wordpress.

Overall I would choose Share this because it seems to ffer the most in depth information as far as analytics

Google+ & StumbleUpon


for Business, Branding & Professional Success:
–Ads- can reach users all over the web to help the business drive conversions. Choose from text, image, and video formats to communicate the message wanted.                   –With the Placement Performance Report, businesses have visibility into where all their ads appear.


StumbleUpon: a highly personalized traffic website based on your interests that is served to you when you are actively looking for new sites to discover.

-Directing StumbleUpon traffic to your site: Figuring out the category that your business will fit into- food, clothing, travel, etc.
StumbleUpon traffic is generally much more gradual. In one particular example, Neil Patel explains that StumbleUpon drove 17,209 visitors to his site in 25 days.

-Sponsoring your site on StumbleUpon: 10 cents a visitor