Case Study: AT&T Summer Break Campaign

Purpose of Campaign: The purpose of this campaign was to get more people, specifically teenagers, to follow AT&T more on social media, and having constant engagement with their networks. (Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter). They wanted to do this without having to pay for advertisements, and let the customers and followers to create the marketing themselves, making it relatable, and engaging.

What They Did: Summer 2013, AT&T created a mobile reality TV show series that also could be watched on YouTube. 52 episodes total. It focused on 8 teenagers that lived in LA and their summer adventures before they left for college. It was so successful they ended up having a second season in summer 2014.

What Happened: The results exceeded all expectations, racking up 15 million views on YouTube and 10 million social engagements, in addition to demonstrating a data-driven, an interactive approach to storytelling was shown. Teenagers posted on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr about their summers and their relation to the reality TV show. It was such a success there was two seasons. AT&T was genius with this because they were able to get teenagers, who are on social media the most now, to engage with their company regarding a TV show, and build a relationship to customers.


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