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Helpful recent article about college students and LinkedIn published on The Telegraph.


Readings: Beginner’s Guide to SEO

This free beginner’s guide to SEO is the best resource for developing an understanding of search engine optimization, conceptually and in practice.

I highly recommend that you take the time to begin reading through the various sections, perhaps even download the PDF. At a minimum, bookmark this site as a resource for understanding SEO.

If you only read one section of this beginner’s guide this semester, focus on this section:

Key Dates for the Next Few Weeks

Week 8 (This Week):

October 15: Review Content Curation Readings, Introduce Content Curation Assignment as Option for Podcast Project; Revisit Social Profile Assignment

October 17: Turn in topic and audience for Content Curation Assignment.

Week 9 (Next Week):

Monday, October 20: First Draft of Presentations of Social Profiles Due: Peer Feedback in Class

Friday, October 24: Completed Social Profiles Due

Week 11 (Week After Homecoming):

Wednesday, November 5: Turn in: Curated Content Assignment OR Podcast Episode and Supporting Documentation (submit as defined in the assignment guides).

Readings: Week 7

Your Readings and Homework for the Week of October, 6, 8, 10. Please finish these before Friday’s class.

Storify: Last Friday I asked you to set up a free account with Storify. If you have not done this, you need to get it set up. It’s simple. You just connect with your Twitter account. Please set up a free account and create one page on a topic of interest to you. Save the other 4 pages for later.


The Busy Person’s Guide to Content Curation

Content Curation: 5 Ways to Succeed, Eventually

26 Free (or Free to Try) Content Curation Tools

Homework for Week 6

Now that recruitment is over and you’ve had a couple of days to get caught up on your other classes:

It’s time to resume your SMP readings and resource-engagement.

This week, in lieu of any additional readings, you should listen to two podcast episodes between now and Monday, October 6:

Mastering Social Business

Listen to this one first.

This episode provides lots of useful information about Twitter AND it demonstrates how two independent social media marketing professionals are using the podcast to build their small consulting businesses.

Episode: The Secret Twitter Tips That Will Boost Your Engagement

Social Pros Podcast

This one is more about how/why to use podcasting, regardless of your line of business. And it also goes deeper into what it takes to make podcasting a successful form of content marketing for business marketing.

You can stop at the 30 minute point. You don’t have to listen to the entire episode.

Episode: Is Podcasting the Most Underrated Content Marketing Tactic?

You can stream or download the podcast mp3 file here:

You can also access this podcast via iTunes here:

You want to download the episode for July 18, 2014. Again, it’s OK to just listen to the first 30 minutes.