Grace Fuller-Case Study- Google Shop the Hangout


What is Shop the Hangout?:

As defined on their website, the purpose of Google Shop the Hangout is:

To help brands combine their social media and e-commerce efforts, we developed an exclusive shopping app for Google+ Hangouts On Air. Here retailers can speak about their products while customers simultaneously browse a curated selection of those goods, available for purchase through the Hangout. The concept blends social video with shopping tools to help deepen engagement between retailers and consumers.

STH was provided by Google plus and the Council of Fashion Designers of America and brings a whole new element to the traditional shopping experience. Shoppers are able to hear firsthand from the designers themselves about the products as well as about their individual lines while purchasing strait off the site.

STH Stats:

– Pilot Program with DVF had 150 million+ social media impressions

– Increased traffic on e-commerce sites by 5% (day of launch)

– 3.57 views of launch video

– 369 million total press and social media impressions

– Over 100 additional retailers have requested to join the program since launch

Why use STH?

– Convenience

– Expert insight of the product

– Builds relationship between shopper/designer


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