Healthy Meals for Healthy Families

By: Mary Lyndal Harrison, Jenna Sims, Jasmine Swift, and Drew Hall

We are licensed nutritionist who provide in-home nutritional consulting for busy families on a one time or continuing basis 


  • A busy family with three young kids (a ten, five and a two year old).
  • The parents are active, dividing their time between sports, work and school.
  • They have minimal time to cook so they try to find healthy meals for their kids.


  • Add more clients
  • Engage current clients who want ongoing consultations.
  • SMART goals: Over the next six months out goal is to acquire ten new families with five being long-time and five being one-time only.


  • Over the next six months we are going to develop a presence on Facebook, blogging sites and Pinterest that furthers our objectives of building brand awareness and legitimacy for this company.


  • 2 minute weekly video shared via Facebook (shows caliber of work the nutritionist can provide)

           -Expert demonstration in the home or online (entire demonstration is videoed and

            photographed to be distributed via social media outlets).

           -Video interviews of satisfied customers.

  • Blogging about healthy brands, snack choices and links to healthy recipes.
  • Pinterest boards for menus, snack ideas, places to shop, coupons. 

Smith’s Pharmacy

Rachael Headley, Julie Matthews

Smith’s Pharmacy: Your independent home-town pharmacy. One location, owned by one pharmacist who employs his daughter as a second licensed pharmacist.
Goal: Build better relationships with existing customers, increase sales, promote health and wellness
Long Term Goal: Add a second location and add two more staff pharmacists

  • People
    – Existing customers:  build loyalty
    – New customers: expose them to why Smith’s pharmacy is different and more personal
    – Reach pharmacists in the area
  • Objectives
    – Get 70% satisfaction on customer service survey
    – Get 500 people to sign up for online health community
    – Get 20 pharmacists for free online webinar
  • Strategies
    – E-mail an infographic on what common medications shouldn’t be taken together
    1. E-mail preliminary satisfaction survey two weeks before the  infographic
    2. E-mail the infographic
    3. E-mail the next survey a day after the infographic
    4. Measure the changes in satisfaction, working towards 70% satisfaction
    – Offer e-mail reminders for upcoming refills
    – Online Health Community website
    1. Allows for an “ask the pharmacist” message board anonymously or by name
    2. Allows for message boards for people suffering with the same diseases,
    serves as grief support.
    3. Measure success by engagement/interaction working towards 500.
    -Webinar for pharmacists
    1. Offering a free resource to existing pharmacists to build relationships for
    future hire
    2. “Bridging the gap between the pharmacist and the customer: becoming more
    involved with your customer”- theme of the webinar
    3. Provide information about the webinar a month in advance to the Professional
    Pharmacists Organization
    4. Work towards goal of 20 pharmacists sign up
  • Tactics/Technology
    – E-mails
    1. Ask customers for e-mails for surveys/infographic
    2. Offer to send refill reminders via e-mail
    – Online Health Community Website
    1. Create a website with an easy to remember url
    2. Develop message board structures/categories
    – Webinar
    1. Webinar software: anymeeting
    2. Create simple website using wordpress to opt-in

Noah’s Ark Pet Rescue

By: Eleanor Stenner, Halley Smith, Taylor Pigman

Objective: to get more people to adopt animals from Noah’s Ark Pet Rescue and to raise money to send animals to New England if centers in Alabama are at maximum capacity

People: people wanting to adopt animals, people thinking about adopting animals, passionate animal lovers, families with young children, graduated college students, empty nesters


1. Videos on how to navigate the adoption process


2. Videos on training animals, how-to’s


3. Dramatic dog photo shoots


4. Videos of hands-on, behind-the-scenes action in the rescue center

Pets Creature Rescue Waggin

5. Charity dog wash: invite people in the community to either wash their dogs or wash dogs at the shelter. It might make them want to buy! Post on social media networks. “Workin at the dog wash, yeah yeah yeahhhhhh, at the dog wash heyyyyy”


6. Create more jobs for high school students. Get them to advocate working there because it’s FUN. Create an experience and emotional attachment so students will persuade their parents to adopt an animal.


1. Blog-style website

2. Instagram: people with animals, adoption process stories, charity events, fundraising

3. Facebook: “Animals of Birmingham” — feature the back stories of animals, emotional connections. Humans of New York style stories

4. Twitter: tweet instagram links, promote charity events, refer people to website and video links

5. Pinterest: dog photo shoots, videos, how to train, animal toys

A+ Green Commercial Building, Inc.

by Lyanna Saito, Ashley Martin, Maddie Davis, John Dickson


  • Contractors and sub-contractors
  • Companies looking to build office buildings


  • Create business opportunities
  • Identify expanding business and locations where new buildings to be built
  • Build brand recognition among corporate world


  • Provide information on where the company is with their projects
  • Explain how we’re being “green”
  • Provide information on new technology and ideas being used
  • Show completed projects


  • Create building blogs with pictures
  • Information on how projects are progressing
  • Create time lapse videos of projects
  • Create videos explaining how we are building a “green” project
  • Articles on how to be “green”


  • Blogs
    • Have 12 blogs, one for each project
    • Provide as much information on each project
  • Flickr
    • Pictures from job sites and completed work
  • Youtube
    • Interviews with experts and builders
    • Tour of completed projects
    • Customer feedback from work
  • Facebook
    • 3rd party information on being “green”
    • Short updates on projects

Easy Green In-Class Activity


-homeowners with yards

-age range: 30s-50s

-upper-middle class income


-Add 10 new accounts and renew 90 percent of previous year’s accounts through digital media

“Talking” – use the groundswell to spread messages about your company


-Using social media outlets specific for our age group and their interests to spread content about Easy Green


-Facebook: weekly posts designed to inspire clients to keep up with a beautiful lawn, photo album contest for “the most beautiful lawn award” for our followers, links to our blog site featuring longer messages and more detailed information and step-by-step lawn care posts

-YouTube: tutorials on correlate with our Facebook/blog posts (ex. best way to keep your lawn green), will be embedded in our blog posts as well

-Referral Program: Through Facebook and blog there will be a “coupon” that existing customers will give their neighbors, friends, etc. with their information included to receive a discount on their Easy Green services to encourage new business and creating loyal customers

How we will measure our success:

-Through referral program numbers

-Google Analytics

by: Rebecca, Emma, Madison and Anna Smith