Facebook Marketing Success Nuggets

Jennifer Taylor

RIley Westmoreland

Bo Morris

  • Threadless is a company created to showcase artists’ work through Tshirts. Through their Facebook page, followers can become a part of their Tshirt design challenges, like and post about Tshirt designs, and shop for new clothing directly from the page. On Facebook, users become engaged in conversation with both the company and other followers.
  • The IdeaPaint Facebook page is strong because it integrates several of their other social media sites on their page, like their blog and YouTube channel. They also have lots of photo albums, which helps people visualize their product in use, or gives people with really cool drawings or uses of IdeaPaint a chance to share those images with the company and eventually its followers.
  • Banez Insurance Agency is a farmers insurance group agency out of Stockton, GA. Ron Banez uses his Facebook page to promote and advertise the business. He does so in a unique way, however, by asking questions and posting slightly sarcastic jokes to get customers more excited about insurance policies.

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