Better Late Than Never…Nuggets from David Griner

David Griner of Luckie & Co. spoke to our class awhile back and dropped some major knowledge bombs on us.

1) He talked about the difference between planning and strategy when it comes to social media. Strategizing comes before planning, and while both are important, they are very different. The contrast this way:

Strategy vs. Planning

vision vs. content

system vs. schedule

buy-in vs. goals

accountability vs. optimization

room for growth vs. improvement

open ended and longevity vs. peace of mind

2) He talked a lot about how to use Facebook correctly for business. Several specific examples include: using surveys or anecdotes to highlight different groups within your audience, how to keep each group happy without losing others while leveraging each’s strengths, and finding what works and improving on it.

3) Something I’d like to have written on my wall: “Stay motivated. Stay excited. Stay curious.”

Great talk overall.


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