Social Media Plan for Lawn-care Co.


a. Variety of demographics

i. Older people ii. Middle-aged women iii. Corporate individuals


a. 10 new accounts

b. Renew 90% of previous year’s accounts.

i. Listen

1. Always tweet back. 2. Respond to facebook comments. ii. Talk 1. Direct messaging. a. Inform of new changes b. Grant coupons c. Ask how we can better serve d. Promotion per every 100 followers on Twitter 2. Direct mail a. “Thank for choosing our service” letters b. Newsletters i. Monthly specials ii. Lawn of the Month iii.


1. Facebook a. Make it possible for enthusiastic customers to engage with old customers (technology and real life) 2. YouTube a. Commercials b. Recorded testimonials c. ‘How To’ videos d. ‘Meet Your Lawn care Provider’ video 3. Website and Direct Mail a. Testimonials b. Referrals 4. Pinterest a. Utilizes images 5. Blog a. Images b. Videos c. Testimonials


1. Google + a. Create forums or advice groups b. Separate people into wants and needs i. This will target their specific interests 2. Facebook groups 3. Pinterets boards a. repinning



Angela Duke – Erin McGuire – Riley Westmoreland – Bo – Kelly Ray  – Courtney Rogers


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