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Twitter Assignment: September 17

In-Class Twitter Activity                                          

30 points in the Attendance & General Participation Category

Write 2 tweets related to Samford JMC homecoming and/or suitable for use by Samford JMC recruiting.

  • Audience for JMC Homecoming can be current JMC students OR JMC alumni.
  • Audience for JMC recruiting could be for someone who is a high school junior or senior OR an undeclared major.


If you aren’t a JMC major, write 2 tweets about why someone should come to school at Samford.

If you have an existing business, you can write 2 tweets suitable for promoting your business.


Maximum of 100 characters

This allows room for later adding links, photos, or hashtags.

Type into a Twitter compose tweet box (but don’t send it). Screen shot the draft to show the length. Upload your screen shots to class blog on WordPress by placing the screen shot image into your blog post. Once I grade these, I’ll “unpublish” them.

Also type out your tweets in the blog post so I can copy and paste into a spreadsheet for future use.

It took me less than 10 minutes to do the screen shots and publish into a blog post.


I’ll grade on a combination of length + quality. It must be a tweet that Jackie Long can actually use and send out.

My sample tweets:

Here I’m typing a tweet to recruit someone to attend Samford JMC homecoming. Goal is 100 characters.

Demonstrating how to do today’s write a tweet activity. You write a tweet that promotes homecoming.

TwitterExample  Screenshot_2014-09-17-11-16-51


Engagement on Twitter

Example of Twitter nugget and how to embed tweet to include your source, if you can’t squeeze it all in:

Taylor did a great job of offering a really valuable nugget on boosting Twitter engagement, but didn’t include a source. So I quickly searched for videos and engagement on Twitter and found a post about a study by Twitter analyzing a vast library of tweets from verified users.

 This may not be the source for Taylor’s nugget, but it confirms what she shared. I then added to the discussion to ask whether the results would hold up for non-verified users. We’re all likely to click on video links from our favorite celebs and about breaking news. But do we take the time to watch videos linked and shared by casual followers?

Readings & Twitter Activities for Week 4

Here are the readings for Twitter, part 1, along with several activities that will help you begin to use Twitter more effectively for strategic marketing, relationship building and listening:

Remember as you begin to approach Twitter for this course:

Think like a marketer, a professional in the business world, not a student.

Take a look at HootSuite (works with any browser, use the free version) and TweetDeck (web version). Select one (or both) and set up so you can use to monitor social feeds through a browser. You can still use whatever phone apps you prefer for Twitter but I want you to experience the browser-based monitoring experience, too, especially the ability to set up multiple columns for monitoring various streams.

Open up: analytics.twitter.com while you are logged into Twitter and begin to consider which of YOUR  tweets get engagement.

Get acquainted with http://hashtagify.me and how you might use it to do hashtag research.

Readings (you’ll have more later)

7 Simple Twitter Marketing Tips


Review this post from Twitter:


And this post from Twitter


Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook: Begin reviewing the chapter on Twitter

Mini Report #2: BufferApp + Feedly (Ashley & Lyanna)

How does this app work?

This app allows you to share to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, all from one place at optimal times.

  • You can add any link, picture, text or video you want to share, and then add it to your Buffer.
  • You also receive analytics for each social update you share: clicks, mentions, retweets, likes, shares, etc.
  • This app is key for digital marketers

When you schedule a time for your posts, just click “add to Buffer.”Image

Buffer’s main version is free, but if you upgrade than you get special features such as 4 social accounts or storing unlimited updates in your Buffer.


Feedly app

  • Feedly is a newsreading app that comes with direct Buffer support.
  • “Feedly is what you needly.” – David Pogue, New York Times
  • The app allows you to browse news sites, tumblr blogs, rss feeds and youtube channels.
  • It makes sharing content to twitter, facebook, and google + quite simple, with or without Buffer.
  • They also offer services with Pocket, Instapaper, and Evernote. Their website, feedly.uservoice.com, offers answers about how to use Feedly, as well as solutions to trouble shooting questions might have about connecting their social media with the app.



  • Provides free and paid social media enhancement services.
  •  They were formally TweetLater.com, focusing on solutions for twitter, but when they broadened their horizon to other social media outlets in 2009, the company changed its name to SocialOomph.com.
  • SocialOomph allows you to schedule tweets, track keywords, view mentions and retweets, purge your twitter tweets and DM inbox, and have up to five twitter accounts, for free.
  • The company also offers feature for  facebook (such as scheduling for photos, wall updates, and status updates), LinkIn, Plurk, App.net, and Onlywire.

Mini Report #2: BuzzSumo

What is it?: Buzzsumo is an online search and analytics app that works across the main social networks to give your business valuable insights for content marketing and SEO purposes.

It is currently in the Beta Period and is being developed by James Blackwell and Henley Wing.

Cost: free while it is in the Beta Period.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 2.01.01 PM contentmarketing socialmediamarketing


  • Free to use while it’s in the Beta Period
  • Identifies engaging content based on what people are sharing the most on social platforms.
  • Can search for any niche or topic
  • Find interesting content to curate
  • Helps you discover influential experts, writers, and influencers who can promote your content
  • Analyze your competitors top content
  • Analyze what topics, headlines, and content formats work
  • Saves times. A different search platform than Google.


  • In the Beta Stage you have to register with Twitter in order to get full access to the search engine.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 5.35.24 PM

  • You do not have unlimited access to the search engine unless you sign up. You have a quota of how many searches you can do per day if you don’t sign up via Twitter.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 2.01.15 PM

  • Because it is a new app, there is not as much information available as a Google search. A simple search for articles on “fashion tips” on Buzzsumo only turned up one page of results.

How it can be used in a social marketing campaign: 

  • We can use Buzzsumo when creating our editorial calendar
  • We can find and share popular and valuable content (articles, videos, interviews etc.) that our audience would be interested in
  • For us it’s a one-stop-shop. And it’s free!

In summary, BuzzSumo is a good tool and one-stop-shop for formulating your business’ content strategy, finding influential people within a niche and discovering popular content. However, it is still being developed and does not have as much information readily available as one can find on other search engine websites (like Google).

Twitterrific {mary lyndal & drew}

Twitter is a social media platform that can be used in a variety of ways. With only 140 characters of text available per tweet, it’s important that the content be concise and to the point. Blasting out breaking news information or attaching a link to a blog post is a good way for a company to push out content. One can also engage with clients and customers easily, which has made some companies rely on Twitter for much of the macro customer service operations.

It’s easy to send out text on Twitter, but how does one know if it’s being picked up effectively? Well, below are four sites that prove to be beneficial when analyzing the reach of one’s social media grasp.


This service tells someone when the most optimal time is to send out a tweet by looking at your tweets and your followers’ tweets. It’s a free service and analyzes up to 1,000 followers at a time. The processing takes about an hour or two to complete, depending on the number of followers one has. The free version only generates one report per month, but they have a Premium version that can be purchased for a monthly fee of $4, which offers more features.


Twitter #analytics is the name of the game with this website. Its features include:

  • tweets per day
  • how many links you’ve shared
  • how often other people mention you
  • who you retweet most often
  • who you reply to the most
  • hashtags you’ve used the most
  • which of your tweets have been retweeted and favorited the most


This service is used to analyze tweets from all over the world based on topics and #hashtags and has free and premium versions. Once the topic or tag is searched, you can organize it into a “Binder.” The free version includes up to 2,000 tweets that are sent within the past 6 days. It was created for marketing, media, and event companies so that they could develop useful analytics based on things like keywords, hashtags, photos, text-only tweets, check-ins, and retweets.


As discussed in a previous class period, this service lets one see how far a tweet travels, including information on reach, exposure, tweets, and contributors. It shows just how many people are talking about a particular topic or keyword.


For Campaign Purposes:

All four of these websites analyze Twitter usage but in their own ways. While sometimes it’s not fun to have to go to four different places to get the job done, using all four of these effectively will help a company make the best use of its social media coverage. After doing this, you’ll know when to send out tweets, how and when to respond to tweeters about a specific topic, how to manage the buzz in real time and over a period of time. A company can determine which hashtags work best based on the amount of coverage it gets and which Twitter users would be most beneficial to contact about brand representation.

@HiltonSuggests: A Concierge for the Social Age

By Julie Matthews

Concierge service is a fairly standard hotel accommodation. A Hilton Suggests Logotypical concierge assists guests of their hotel, often providing them with suggestions for various venues and services. Less standard, however, is the provision of a concierge that serves travelers regardless of guest status, often approaching them rather than the other way around. With this second type of concierge, Hilton Worldwide has built an innovative Twitter initiative.

Under the handle @HiltonSuggests, Hilton staff members tweet suggestions for everything from manicurists to photographers to travelers around the world. Vanessa Sain-Dieguez, Director of Social Media Planning & Integration at Hilton Worldwide, explains in a guest post on Edelman Digital that authenticity was an important concept in the creation of Hilton Suggests. In order to achieve this authenticity, tweets don’t come from a central headquarters. Instead, Sain-Dieguez writes, “Hilton Worldwide decided to give a voice to select employees in key markets and set out on a mission to build their very own Hilton Suggests team.” In using this team, Hilton Suggests is able to provide personal, conversational suggestions that draw on local knowledge.

There are two elements that make Hilton’s use of Twitter particularly effective:

  1. Useful Content
  2. Conversation

Hilton Suggests is designed to serve potential customers with useful information rather than blasting them with an unwanted sales pitch. This exemplifies a concept called Youtility. In “Is Youtility the Future of Marketing?,” Jay Baer writes of Youtility, “Sell something, and you make a customer. Help someone, and you make a customer for life.” In providing useful suggestions, Hilton is able to get its name in the minds of potential customers and potentially build loyalty and good will with existing customers. Customers are likely to go out of their way to avoid marketing that only profits the advertiser, but they may become engaged with or even seek out marketing that serves them.

In addition to providing Youtility, Hilton Suggests uses its Twitter account as a two-way conversation facilitator rather than a one-way megaphone. In “Social Media is a Conversation: Don’t Turn Your Back” on Social Media Today, Harry Kierbow advocates businesses using social media to have open dialogue with customers. He writes, “Don’t just throw your content out and walk away. Make sure you are accessible and responsive to any feedback coming from your fans.” Hilton Suggests doesn’t just spit out suggestions; instead, the Hilton Suggests team both seeks to start conversations with those looking for something and conversationally responds to tweets directed toward them. For a personal touch, tweets are signed with the initials of the team member that is tweeting.

In one case, user @tmonhollon, asked Hilton Suggests for a food truck recommendation, and a third party @DowntownCLE joined in with a suggestion. Rather than ignoring this and robotically providing an additional, unnecessary suggestion, Hilton Suggests wisely joined the conversation and complemented @DowntownCLE on their recommendation.

Several social media bloggers have taken notice of Hilton’s creative Twitter initiative. In a post on HootSource, Evan LePage proffers Hilton Suggests as an illustration of the fourth of eight tips for social business: engage to build a community. He describes the “non-sales oriented approach” of Hilton Suggests as “an engagement for engagement’s sake position.” In “Digital Concierge Creates Brand Loyalists,” Mackenzie Michel commends Hilton Suggests for going so far as to recommend a restaurant to a customer of a rival hotel. She writes that this increases the probability of that person choosing Hilton Hotels for a future trip. In “Why Just Being Useful is the Secret Marketing Edge for Hospitality,” a quote from Hilton Worldwide social media director Vanessa Sain-Dieguez is included that speaks to this strategy, “That’s where we can make a difference, because they’re not experiencing our hospitality within the hotel, and if you’re not in the hotel, you may not be getting the same service, and we could win you over.”

As of Sunday, September 29, 2013, these are the statistics on the @HiltonSuggests account:

  • 15,189 Tweets

Given its plethora of tweets, Hilton Suggests is clearly a very active project into which a lot of work has been invested. While its number of followers is modest, there is likely a group of people who use the service without following the account, due to the number of @replies it generates. Adapting to a changing social world, Hilton Worldwide has redefined hotel hospitality.

Motorola Solutions



           Motorola Solutions strives to assist people in being their absolute best in the moments that matter. They provide devices that enable firefighters and police officers to more efficiently do their job and connect businesses and personnel through communication networks, applications and services, by providing hand held devices that communicate real time information.

            Jennifer Mesenbrink took an editorial job with Motorola Solutions in 2009, one of her responsibilities being to oversee all social media content and posts. In a brief profile on contentmarketingworld.com, Mesenbrink says that’s where the “marketing” chapter of her life began.

Here, I’ve had the chance to write and edit, manage and grow a team, preside over the biggest web launch in the company’s history, manage 

the creation and publication of more than 300 blogs and helped build social media from the bottom up.

         And do that, she has. Now as the Senior Manager and Global Editor-in-Chief, she has built a very involvednetwork for the company. Motorola Solutions is very involved in all different types of social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube and Google+, specifically.

            The company’s mission is to help their customers be the best they can be, and I believe it shows through their social media posts. On Facebook and Twitter, posts are often. Posts on Facebook are typically self-promoting, featuring new apps, devices, or events that the company is involved with.

            The same thing occurs on Twitter, but it is mixed with retweets and replies to mentions. The company also has several twitters, based on area of focus, such as “@Motpublicsafety” which is the section focused on bettering devices for public safety officials. This twitter account is actually the most popular of the twitter handles, having a 1,000 or more followers and tweets than the others.

            On Youtube, Motorola Solutions posts multiple videos a week. The videos feature content ranging from newly developed products to event appearances and interviews; there are even tutorials.

            They recently celebrated the company’s 85th birthday, and posted many special things to celebrate. 85 tweets about their history were posted on their twitter, which was promoted on Facebook. This video from the CEO was also posted, in honor of the company.



Mayo Clinic

What is the Mayo Clinic?

     Mayo Clinic is a non-profit hospital and research group based in Rochester, Minnesota. It is the largest first integrated non-profit medical practice in the world. The Mayo Clinic has three hospitals in the United States located in Minnesota, Florida, and Arizona, within these three hospitals, the Mayo Clinic employees more than 42,000 people. The Clinic also owns and the Mayo Clinic Health System which consists of over 70 clinics and hospitals employing more than 14,000 people. The Mayo Clinic specializes in treating difficult medical cases through tertiary care.

     Mayo Clinic spends over $500 million a year on research. The Mayo Clinic also operates several schools of medicine, including the Mayo Graduate School, Mayo Medical School, Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education and May School of Health Sciences.

     Mayo Clinic has been close to the top of the U.S. News and World Report List of “Best Hospitals” for more than 20 years. It has also been on Fortune Magazine’s list of America’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” eight years in a row.


     Lee Aase is the Director of the Mayo Clinic Center of Social Media. After his day job, he serves as Chancellor of Social Media University, Global, a free online higher education institution that provides hands on training for social media.

     What the Mayo Clinic is doing to bring social media to health care:

The “Gold Standard” for Social Media   

  The Mayo Clinic has 464,915 “Likes” on Facebook, 623,000 Twitter followers, over 69,000 followers on Google Plus, and around 7,900 followers on Pinterest. The Mayo Clinic also has a Flickr, YouTube, and 6 blog posts.

     Joan Justice, author for socialmediatoday.com states that the Mayo Clinic is the “gold-standard for the use of social media by healthcare organizations.” Justice also states that Mayo Clinic is the  “most popular medical provider channel on YouTube.”


     The Mayo Clinic’s YouTube Channel has over 13,000 subscribers and more than 10 million views.


The Mayo Clinic’s Pinterest Page has 20 Boards consisting of health related topics.

 Social Media Center:

                       The aspirations of the Mayo Clinic are intentional that they have a center for a Social Media Center. This center is offered in ordered that the correlation between patients as well as employees may be expressed through the medium of social media.

                       The Mayo Clinic website states, “Mayo Clinic believes individuals have the right and responsibility to advocate for their own health, and that it is our responsibility to help them use social media tools to get the best information, connect with providers and with each other, and inspire healthy choices. We intend to lead the health care community in applying these revolutionary tools to spread knowledge and encourage collaboration among providers, improving health care quality everywhere.”


The Mayo Clinic has SIX blogs. They have a news blog, “Advancing Science” blog, two blogs for patient sharing, a “Diversity in Education” blog, and a “Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation” blog.

                       The Mayo Clinic has made sure that each special interest is represented in their blogs.

How to Use Facebook and Twitter Without the Internet:

ImageWe all hope to never be in a position when we are without internet or the ability access to any of our social media outlets. However, after Hurricane Sandy, many people living around the Eastern Seaboard lost all forms of internet and wifi connection.  Without a way to tweet or facebook post, people felt isolated from the world and stranded from communication.

Author Lorenzo Biccherai tackled the issue in an article explaining how to activate facebook and twitter on your phone without any sort of wifi or internet connection.  Through this process, each person can find comfort in knowing they are able to reach others and seek help regardless of the circumstances.