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Case Study #1 By Elizabeth Bacon


Name of the Business:

Southern Living, specifically “The Daily South” Blog –http://thedailysouth.southernliving.com

Slogan- “Your hub for Southern Culture”

Southern Living is a widely read lifestyle magazine. The website hosts several publications such as Health, Coastal Living, and Real Simple, etc.


Their target audience in the Southern United states region who are interested in recipes, house plans, interior decorating, gardens, traveling, and all things southern culture related. The most targeted age group is typically home owners and families.

This blog does a fantastic job engaging this audience while giving variety of content to keep them coming back for new, relevant information.

Fun fact: the headquarters for Southern Living is here in Birmingham, AL.

Content of the Blog:

The content of the blog is mostly written information with an appropriate amount of eye-catching pictures. The photography seems to be unique and original, not stock photos. Sometimes there are videos and recipes. The Daily South does a great job linking to others websites or info they are highlighting without taking you away from their blog (it opens in a new tab).

At the end of each post, they have a “You May Also Like” posts that display 3 other blog posts that are related. The is great tool to keep the readers looking around their site.

They also have social media plug ins at the bottom of each post, which makes it easy for the reader to share the article. This includes Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and email.

The blog is easy to navigate. On the right there is 5 most popular posts. Also, to cater to more specific audience, there is a “Featured Blog” section which highlights general topics you might be interested in. This is similar to categories:

  1. The Grumpy Gardener
  2. From the Test Kitchen
  3. Dixie Chic
  4. Southern Snapshot
  5. Fashion & Beauty
  6. Biscuits & Jam
  7. Southern Weddings

How often the blog is updated:

The company consistently blogs every day, sometimes even more. For example on September 8th they blogged 3 times in one day!

Story Telling and Marketing:

The Daily South does a great job expressing their knowledge and passion for all things Southern by using both Content Marketing and brand storytelling. They are communicating with the customers and prospects without selling. They deliver information to the audience which makes them a better “southerner.” The content curation is spot on with relevant articles yet unique flavors.

For example, they use the Content Marketing to promote one of the publications “Southern Weddings.” The Southern Wedding blog section beautifully displays pictures and ideas, leaving the audience wanting more. The goal is to attract them to the magazine. At the top left of the blog there is an easy access for “call to action” by subscribing to the magazine!

With Brand Journalism, this blog uses a variety of subjects, different topics, different messages, that merge together to create dynamic, timely, interesting, relevant and coherent brand storytelling experience. It entices the audiences to the website with the blog posts.

Overall, The Daily South blog is used as a great tool to engage and inform the targeted audience, rather than just selling the magazine. It is the perfect example of creative and effective marketing.