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Case Study #1 by Mary Varnell


Name of the Business:

Turkey Hill Ice Cream

Turkey Hill Dairy is an ice cream company that sells ice cream, frozen desserts and drinks.


Their audience is mostly people of Pennsylvania, specifically ice cream lovers in Lancaster County. Their audience can also be narrowed down to three other specific places: New York, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. This is because they have specific ice cream flavors and containers for these cities’ sports teams: the Yankees, the Steelers and the Phillies.

Content of the Blog:

The blog’s content includes a wide variety of things ranging from news, history, ice cream flavors, merchandise and more. They give information on things going on in the food world, especially with ice cream. Turkey Hill comes out with new flavors, so they share these flavors and keep their fans updated on them, as well as updates on their other food items.

They share videos, such as the policemen in California giving out ice cream rather than tickets and have prizes and competitions for their audience to win. One fan was able to win a lifetime supply of ice cream!

Turkey Hill has their own merchandise, including t-shirts, hats, bags, footballs, pens and household goods, so these things are advertised and up for sale on the blog as well.

Turkey Hill Dairy also hosts events throughout the year, giving information on these events through the blog. Some of these events include summer ice cream parties and ice cream socials. The staff from Turkey Hill sometimes gives “behind the scenes” sneak peeks of them at work and doing other fun things.

How often the blog is updated:

They are consistent with their updates, posting about every 3-4 days.

Story told through the blog:

This city prides themselves in homegrown meals, with ingredients that are top notch; Turkey Hill Dairy also provides freshly baked cakes, pies and cookies from their fresh ingredients.

This blog tells a story of the company, showing their passion and excitement about ice cream and their company as a whole. I believe Turkey Hill’s blog is effective in both brand journalism and content marketing.

In the brand journalism aspect, they tell a story of their company and prove their passion and excitement for the company and their ice cream. Turkey Hill Dairy takes pride in their wholesome, made from scratch ingredients. This carries out into how they advertise their ice cream and other products, believing that they serve the best desserts around.

The company shares their passion through information on ice cream, news and exciting new flavors that the company is producing. They show their employees’ passion through their videos and “behind the scenes” sneak peeks. Passion and pride go into this company and they tell this story well through their blog.

They tell their story by using content marketing, incorporating their products and merchandise. One example of this is they have a recipe contest, seeking out the most creative recipe the audience can come up with by using Turkey Hill ice cream as one of the ingredients.

They feature different items, such as the ice cream-filled doughnut; this is a new food item coming out into the market, and they are featuring it to prove their love for ice cream.

The blog uses content marketing to tell their story also through the clothes they sell. A t-shirt saying, “you can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream, and that’s pretty much the same thing,” is a great way to show their enthusiasm, excitement and passion for ice cream.

With their contests and surveys, they are getting their customers involved, keeping then up-to-date and allowing them to grow passionate and excited about Turkey Hill and its products.

Lastly, they do this through items that make enjoying their products easier, such as ice cream scoopers, ice cream bowls or their handy “no-mess frozen treat holders.” All of these items enable their customers to enjoy their ice cream more.

Other Marketing Efforts:

They creatively open up opportunities for conversions to win their audience over through their blog.
Turkey Hill promotes their social channels on their blog as well: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr and more. Having these options on the side of the blog are very effective in getting simple conversions, such as a like, a new follower or a pin on a Pinterest board. This blog is effective and I believe it is successful to the company’s branding, marketing and company as a whole.