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Monday Scavenger Hunt: In-Class Activity

Find examples of the following types of content being used by brands (B2B or B2C or nonprofits, doesn’t matter which) to provide helpful information to customers and/or to tell the brand story. Using Google will be the fastest, probably, but you can also just visit brand websites and social pages to find some of these examples. 

Leave your answers as a comment below and be prepared to share in class today (Monday, September 8, 2014) at 12:25 p.m. If you can’t leave a comment for some reason, you can copy and paste your link into a document and bring it to class.

You’re looking for branded content.

Video (Can be YouTube or other)

Slide deck (Go to Slideshare if you can’t find one through Google)


White Paper (this will mostly likely be B2B)


Online magazine (or article that tells story about history of the brand)


How-To Guide or Quick Tip related to the product

How To Guide or Quick Tip related to the general activity the customer would be interested in (but not specific about the product or service itself).

Recipe that tells you how to use the product

Photo with a quote