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Case Study: A.1 Steak Sauce “Unfriend” Campaign

By: Kaitlyn Bouchillon

Purpose of the Campaign:

After 50 years of being known as the leading steak sauce, A.1 chose to rebrand themselves as the perfect sauce for several foods including fish, pork, and turkey.


How They Did It:

In May 2014, A.1 Steak Sauce launched an “Unfriend” campaign to promote their label change – from A.1 Steak Sauce to A.1 Original Sauce. Because most consumers immediately think “steak sauce,” A.1 wanted to shift thinking toward the sauce being the best compliment for almost all foods. The tagline for the campaign was and still is: For almost everything. Almost.

By creating a YouTube video that featured their Facebook page, A.1 integrated multiple forms of social media. In the video, the relationship between A.1 and Steak is complicated. When A.1 begins receiving and accepting “friend requests” from other meats – such as Pork and Salmon – Steak becomes upset. However, by the end of the video viewers see all the different foods and meats getting along well with A.1 Original Sauce.


In the video, A.1 incorporated a Spotify playlist that was then shared on their Facebook page for fans to enjoy.

They have continued this campaign by posting images on their Facebook page. Examples include:

In addition, A.1 created a Pinterest page with boards that feature foods the Original Sauce will go well with.

Did It Work?:

Although I was not able to find concrete statistics on how this campaign turned out, we can see from several videos and posts that fans enjoyed the “Unfriend” campaign.

  • The YouTube video has been viewed over 1.3 million times.
  • One source says that the YouTube video was viewed over 100,000 times in a couple weeks.
  • A.1 posted the video to their Facebook page multiple times, the first receiving 3,161 likes and 779 shares, and the second receiving 3,834 likes and 887 shares.
  • When the video was created, it shows that the A.1 Facebook page had 154,405 likes. At this time – November 19, 2014 – the page has 165,659 likes. Although this might not be a direction result of the campaign, their Facebook presence has certainly increased in just 5 months.

Finally, the A.1 Steak Sauce “Unfriend” Campaign was named one of the top Social Media Campaigns of 2014.

“Often times, it’s difficult to rebrand a product that’s been used one way for many years. Using wit and humor on social media to reveal this new brand messaging was a great way to get customers on board. The Pinterest page, featuring easily accessible recipes, helps open customers’ minds to using A.1. with other foods.”


Key Dates for the Next Few Weeks

Week 8 (This Week):

October 15: Review Content Curation Readings, Introduce Content Curation Assignment as Option for Podcast Project; Revisit Social Profile Assignment

October 17: Turn in topic and audience for Content Curation Assignment.

Week 9 (Next Week):

Monday, October 20: First Draft of Presentations of Social Profiles Due: Peer Feedback in Class

Friday, October 24: Completed Social Profiles Due

Week 11 (Week After Homecoming):

Wednesday, November 5: Turn in: Curated Content Assignment OR Podcast Episode and Supporting Documentation (submit as defined in the assignment guides).

Readings: Week 7

Your Readings and Homework for the Week of October, 6, 8, 10. Please finish these before Friday’s class.

Storify: Last Friday I asked you to set up a free account with Storify. If you have not done this, you need to get it set up. It’s simple. You just connect with your Twitter account.

Scoop.it: Please set up a free Scoop.it account and create one page on a topic of interest to you. Save the other 4 pages for later.


The Busy Person’s Guide to Content Curation


Content Curation: 5 Ways to Succeed, Eventually


26 Free (or Free to Try) Content Curation Tools


Readings & Twitter Activities for Week 4

Here are the readings for Twitter, part 1, along with several activities that will help you begin to use Twitter more effectively for strategic marketing, relationship building and listening:

Remember as you begin to approach Twitter for this course:

Think like a marketer, a professional in the business world, not a student.

Take a look at HootSuite (works with any browser, use the free version) and TweetDeck (web version). Select one (or both) and set up so you can use to monitor social feeds through a browser. You can still use whatever phone apps you prefer for Twitter but I want you to experience the browser-based monitoring experience, too, especially the ability to set up multiple columns for monitoring various streams.

Open up: analytics.twitter.com while you are logged into Twitter and begin to consider which of YOUR  tweets get engagement.

Get acquainted with http://hashtagify.me and how you might use it to do hashtag research.

Readings (you’ll have more later)

7 Simple Twitter Marketing Tips


Review this post from Twitter:


And this post from Twitter


Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook: Begin reviewing the chapter on Twitter

Readings: Friday, August 29, 2014

Business Blogging: Intro

Purpose: To provide a basic understanding for Case Study #1: Brands & Blogging

Why Business Blogging Matters

Why Blogs Matter in Business to Business Communication

5 Ways to Make Your Business Blog The Centerpiece of Content Marketing Strategy

Your Social Profile: Intro

Purpose: To provide background and context as we begin to work on updating and/or creating social profiles.

5 Best Examples for Optimizing Your Social Media Profile

  • Most of these are brands, but they are still useful examples.

What Does Your Social Media Profile Say About You

The About Me Backstory

How To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Social Media Photo Sizing Cheat Sheet (current as of March 2014)



Nuggets Assignment #4

Today, we’ll hear from David Griner, social media strategist and director of digital content for Luckie & Co. David is also a contributing editor for AdWeek’s blog, AdFreak.

Please listen, network and then share, via a post to this blog, at least three things you learned from David during his visit to our class. There’s no minimum or maximum word count, but you’ll  need to share something truly meaningful to get full credit.

Select a category and add a tag to your post. Include “David Griner” as a tag.

I plan to take a few pics during his talk, so check the media library and include a photo with your post. Or link to Luckie & Co. or something David’s written to help any site visitors find more information.

Nuggets Assignment #2

Brief in-class activity

Choose one of the blogs from the blogroll. Browse through it.

Find something that’s interesting pretty easy to read and digest in 5 minutes. Write a sentence as a summary or key point and share it one of two ways (either way):

(1) Tweet the link with a bit of your summary. Include the hashtag: #JMC492SM so I can give you credit for it.


(2) Post the link to WordPress blog with your summary.

We’ll also share 5 of these in class today. If you don’t go today, you’ll be in line to share first next week when we do this again.