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Case Study – Esurance Super Bowl Commercial


Purpose of the Campaign

To raise awareness of Esurance through the use of Twitter, wile promoting what makes their company unique.

Here’s a quote from the company’s blog regarding this promotion:

“Why are we giving away $1.5 million? Well, because that’s just how we roll. Literally. When we save money, we like to roll those savings on down to our customers.”

Let me explain. Here at Esurance, our business model revolves, in part, around operating as efficiently as possible in order to save you both time and money on car insurance.

What They Did

At the end of the Super Bowl, Esurance ran a commercial about their $1.5 million give-away. Using the hashtag #EsuranceSave30, any Twitter user could tweet with the mentioned hashtag to be entered into the drawing for $1.5 million.

What Happened

Within a minute, more than 200,000 people had Tweeted for a shot at the prize and by the time the sweeps ended they had received more than 5.4 million Tweets total.

Esurance Partnered with Jimmel Kimmel Live to reveal the winner. Here’s the video:


Case Study #1 by Charlie Bell


Name of Business

This is the blog of The Boeing Company, run by Randy Tinseth, Vice President of Marketing.

The blog is titled “Randy’s Journal.” Shows his perspective as he travels the world for Boeing.


For this blog, the target audience is different from other business blogs I’ve seen. Randy offers quite a bit of information regarding Boeing sales, specifically internationally. This blog seems to be more for storytelling than it is for clients as the blog does not have exact specifications of Boeing planes. It is effective at promoting certain new models that Boeing is marketing to growing industries like in China. Randy’s Journal is for anyone who has an interest in Boeing as a company or in aviation alone.

Blog Content

Randy’s Journal is a very simple blog. The first thing I noticed was that it was not the most visually striking blog. There are not any sections or categories, just one stream of blog posts. These posts usually provide the reader with a few pictures and paragraphs detailing Tinseth’s current activities and events. If you look at the blog now, you will see two or three posts about Randy’s trip to China. Detailing the trip, he posted a picture of the plane he took (Boeing, of course), a picture with the flight crew, an infographic about China’s need for commercial aircrafts, and a picture of the meal he ate that night. He keeps the paragraphs and captions concise but informative.

Once you get to the bottom of the page, however, your viewing experience ends there for the time being. You have the option to “see all posts” or go through the archives, but it does not automatically load previous posts, which would be a nice feature due to how frequently Randy posts’.

Overall, the blog is very informative, but it’s not as visually striking as many blogs we see in 2014. It looks a little stuck-in-the-past. Pictures aren’t always high quality, which also makes the overall appearance suffer.

Blog Updates

Randy updates the blog around three to four times a week, depending on his current schedule. This frequency is crucial to the blog’s appeal because it gives you the perspective of his daily life.

Story Behind Randy’s Journal

There’s a reason why it is titled: “Randy’s Journal.” Boeing is a very large, international company. Their Vice President of Marketing is a very busy man. But I like that Boeing has a blog told from his perspective. It gives an outsider an inside look at the industry. Randy has been an employee of Boeing for over 28 years. He began as a flight test engineer so he has worked in a few different areas of Boeing, giving him a unique perspective of the company.

Most likely, anyone who is looking for this blog likes airplanes. And airplanes they will find. This is a great source to find information about Boeing’s products that the outsider never has had. Boeing is now able to show high definition photos of their new aircrafts while also promoting the products that Boeing is assisting in, but not behind directly. For example, they are partnering with Russell Athletics to make football pads with carbon fiber.

Boeing is an extremely innovative company and Randy’s blog helps promote these ideas to the world. It may not be the most exciting blog, but it is a great source for everything current in Boeing.