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Allie Haywood Case Study #2- Using SlideShare for marketing.

What is SlideShare? 

It allows users to easily upload and share presentations, infographics, documents, videos, PDFs, and webinars.

SlideShare stats:

  • 60 million unique users log in every month.
  • 400,000 new SlideShare presentations are viewed every month.
  • More than 10 million presentations are uploaded per month.
  • All that traffic isn’t just to look at power point presentations. You can upload your product’s photos, how-to videos, presentation slides, PDF files and create tips pieces

Why use SlideShare?

  • SlideShare gets a ton of traffic.
  • SlideShare’s main demographic is B2B users that are seeking high quality content. With the right tags it is easy to attract the customers you are seeking.
  • You can options in creating content so you can find the right fit for each campaign or project.
  • You have access to analytics. You can find out who is looking at them, from where they are being viewed and which presentations are most popular with your target market
  • Rank better on google.
  • Grow your followers
  • Get email subscribers.
  • Build your brand.

How to use it:

  • SlideShare presentations can function as a digital marketing kit.
  • Embedding the link on your blog not only adds multiple calls to action such as email sign up boxes and links to related content without adding unnecessary bulk to the page but also can boost SEO because it provides a strong outbound link and google loves SlideShare links.
  • You can include SlideShares in tweets. The user does not have to leave the app to view it and you are still able to track their views and analytics.
  • You can include the presentations across all forms of social media allowing you to link them together.
  • If your presentation gets enough views on different social media sites it will be featured under that category on the SlideShare website leading to more views.

10 tips to help your company take advantage of SlideShare:

Companies using slideshare to increase brand awareness

  • Ethos:
  • Holland-Mark:
  • Oracle
  • Real Time Marketing & PR:
  • The Palms Hotel & Spa:

Case Study #1 by Allie Haywood


Name of business:

Voyager Outward Bound School

Voyager Outward Bound School is a non-profit educational organization focused on experience-based outdoor leadership programs across the United States.

Outward bound courses are aimed at developing the student’s character, self discovery, gaining leadership skills, and service effort. VOBS is focused on helping the student discover more about themselves and helping them realize they have more to offer than they thought.

Target audience:

VOBS target audience is a variety of audiences. While they are focused on helping students better themselves they also offer programs for adults, families, schools, educators, and veterans. They offer a variety of programs to fit the interest of the many different types of people they come in contact with.

They are really focused on teens and adults who love the outdoors and want to be pushed to do more and experience more than they have ever before.

Content of the blog:

The content on their blog contains a variety of posts, ranging from personal stories from instructors and counselors to tips dealing with outdoor adventure scenarios. They have post that allow readers to see how instructors feel while going through and leading these outdoor programs and what a typical day might look like.

They share pictures of students and instructors going through the programs as well as some of the beautiful scenery you might experience while going through a program.

VOBS also posts about what students can expect should they choose to partake in one of their many programs and provide a small glimpse into all they will leave the program with. These posts can range from going home with leadership skills, a better idea of who you are and what you can do, and memories from the adventure.

Many instructors and program directors will provide their tips and tricks for getting through their outdoor adventure programs. These posts can be about tips for kayaking or even cooking while outdoors.

With a wide variety of programs offered to teens and adults VOBS uses their blog to advertise these different programs. This gives a small glimpse into what each one may be like and allows the participants to see firsthand what they could experience.

How often is the blog updated:

While they are not consistent with their posting, on average their blog is posted on around 3 to 4 times a month. Sometimes this could be within a few days of each other, while other times they might go a few weeks without posting. 

The story being told:

Voyager Outward Bound School is focused on helping students and adults alike better themselves by giving them the opportunity to partake in outdoor adventures that require them to push themselves, become leaders, and work through hardships.

This blog tells a story of a non-profit organization who wants to influence students and adults in a positive way by allowing them to see the full potential they have to offer. By reading through the blog posts you can really see the passion that each instructor possesses and their desire to help the participants achieve and surpass the goals they set before beginning their adventure.

By featuring posts from people who have had firsthand experiences of going through on of VOBS adventure programs they are adding another level to their story. These posts allow potential participants to see positive experiences and read stories of how people have improved themselves by going through a program.

They effectively tell their story by using content marketing and brand journalism. They discuss the different programs that are offered throughout the year and stories from these programs. They provide helpful content such as smart tips and tricks of how to thrive in outdoor situations.