Net-a-porter campaign to launch Porter print magazine

By Elizabeth Bacon

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Net-a-Porter, an online designer fashion hub, wants to produce a bi-monthly magazine, named Porter, with 400,000 copies of each edition made available across 60 countries. This caters to the wide targeted audience of fashionable, savy women all around the world.

The new and improved twist is that it has “shoppable” pages. It enables Net-A-Porter to connect magazine readers to its ecommerce store, as all of the pages can be scanned using the retailer’s mobile app.

What is so unique about this particular brand and campaign? Porter is unique in that it’s a brand new magazine that was designed and created with digital as one of its core features. Some previous cases studies have seen the patterns of failed companies adding a digital layer to existing magazine brands.

The unique ability to shop the magazine is only one part of the magazine’s reason for being. It also gives Net-A-Porter a new and relevant way to communicate with its audience, as the company’s own research shows that its users still buy print magazines.

Vice president says, “the aim is to inspire the consumer from the very beginning of her journey — and follow her all the way to the end… This is a new model for publishing, a blend of the old and the new, and the shopability really inspires me.”

Social Media: 

Facebook page: It doesn’t have any obvious info of the launch of this new print campaign. This should be improved with the profile picture link or cover photos.

Instagram: There is two separate accounts, one for Net-A-Porter as a whole (1.1 MILLION FOLLOWERS!!) and then the Porter Magazine (198 thousand followers). They need to make sure that both accounts highlight each other!

Online presence: already 30 percent of Net-a-porter’s sales come from mobile smartphones, which I think is good results!

How it works?

You shop and scan. Every single editorial page within the magazine contains some sort of digital content, which is an indication of the amount of planning and coordination that goes into each issue. And it will feature APP technology to make it shippable.

How to improve:

I read a review that concluded that only one of the 282 pages in Porter actually tells readers how to use the scanner, with no further calls-to-action throughout the magazine. Maybe Porter’s creative team didn’t want to fill the pages with large ‘Scan This!’ logos, but it means that many people will be left unaware of the additional digital content that lies within.


The digital elements also work seamlessly with the on-page content and provide a decent enough user experience.

Net-A-Porter does content marketing very well! They are good about knowing their customer. Yeoman’s can draw on the findings of Net a Porter’s 7,000 strong customer panel, each of which keeps a detailed diary. Also, they discovered that if a pure online player is prepared to invest in print, then print remains a significant channel for luxury brands.

In conclusion, Natalie Massenet says it best, “We think it’s a continuation of our service,” she said of the forthcoming magazine. “It will be entirely shoppable, ads will be shoppable — we’re going to try and create something completely new there.”

“I know it sounds crazy,” Ms. Massenet said. “It’s not for the fainthearted, but we’re a multimedia company, and in the same way that you have to have a Facebook page and an Instagram account and be on mobile and have a website, you also need to be in print.”


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