Case Study: Tombstone Pizza Bites of Fright Campaign

By Emily Duval

Purpose of the Campaign:

Tombstone Pizza set the goal of being “the official pizza of Halloween.” Their main goal was to reach Moms and their kids during the Halloween season in a unique way.

How did they do it?:

The idea was inspired by the Halloween tradition of families gathering together and watching a “spooky” movie with pizza. From this they set the goal of bringing Tombstone “Horror Films” to the dinner table.

Tombstone made 31, six second videos, one posted for everyday in October. The “Bites of Fright” series of family friendly clips featured “spooky” characters like ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, mummies, and werewolves.

Not a fan of pepperoni on your pizza? Boo hoo…

Getting dressed in style.

You never saw it coming… 

A classic riddle.

Did it Work?:

The “Bites of Fright” clips were posted on Vine, Twitter, and Facebook to optimize distribution.

While the clips were the star on Vine, Tombstone also created Facebook posts the week leading up to Halloween called “Crunch-time Costumes.” They gave ideas for quick and clever last-minute costumes. #bitesoffright went viral on Twitter.

The campaign was successful and went viral! It helped consumers cement the association between Tombstone and Halloween.

On Social Media the campaign had a HUGE impact for Tombstone Pizza. During the month of October here is Tombstone’s social media success by the numbers:

  • A virality rate 23x higher than the brand’s previous content, and a full 3.4x higher than Tombstone projected
  • A 230% lift in Tombstone’s fan acquisition rate on Facebook
  • Bites of Fright content was 6.3x more engaging than other brand content running in October

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