NBA Cares Campaign- Hannah Jones

The purpose of this campaign is to showcase the program NBA Cares, an outreach initiative that addresses important social issues such as education, youth and family development, and health and wellness.

The campaign does a variety of things well, but also has a few flaws.

  • On Instagram, they group their pictures using the same hashtags for the same event.  These hashtags are normally pretty creative, such as #hoopsfortroops.
  • The campaign uses Instagram too much.  They post multiple pictures in a day from one event.  They could post 2-3 pictures from a single event within a few days of each other and get the desired effect.
  • The campaign also tweets too much; however, they use different pictures for Instagram and Twitter.
  • The Facebook page for the campaign is well-organized, but the same pictures will be on the page and Instagram.
  • The website for the campaign is also very well-organized, but is more intended for someone who knows a lot about the program.  I believe that someone who is just curious about the campaign would find it more beneficial to look at the Facebook page.

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