Purpose of the Campaign: The “#CLAstory” is a project by Mercedes-Benz, aimed at supporting new and inexperienced filmmakers. The main purpose of this is to market Mercedes-Benz CLA four-door coupe.

  • Three famous Instagram professionals: Alan Brutenic, Jiri Siftar and Allan Edward Hinton have each collaborated with Mercedes-Benz to create short films featuring comedy writer, producer, actor and presenter, James Corden.
  • The Instagram videos provide the beginning, middle and end of a storyboard, but are missing six important scenes.
  • Film directors are invited to complete the film and the scenes in the #CLAstory by uploading their videos onto the Mercedes UK Instagram channel.
  • The creator of the winning film will get a chance to direct the #CLAstory with James Corden using the Mercedes-Benz CLA AMG Sport Car.
  • The winner of each of the six missing scenes will receive a prize of a Go Pro Camera.
  • The short film will be posted on, and the recently launched Mercedes-Benz UK Instagram channel: mercedesbenzUK.
  • Another way Mercedes markets the CLA class is on FB. They have a picture of a CLA class car on their FB page, and on the photo caption they wrote: Whoever spots a CLA 45 AMG on the streets, takes a picture of it and puts it on Instagram using the #AMGandMe,  Mercedes-AMG will repost their favorites.
  • Target Audience: The audience that the #CLAstory is targeting is the Mercedes-Benz online community, creative influencers, film enthusiasts and film students. They are looking for someone who can create a short, unique and creative film that markets the CLA class of coupe cars.

That is the Mercedes-Benz social media campaign to launch and market the CLA class of coupe cars.


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