Case Study – Burberry Acoustic Campaign

Burberry Acoustic Campaign 


By Megan Gagliardi


  • YouTube Playlist has 86 videos and 958,904 views

Facebook Page –

  • Facebook Page has 2,004 likes and was establish February 4, 2011

Instagram – trending hashtag of #burberryacoustic with with 290 posts. Burberry also has their own account @burberry. They occasionally post behind-the-scenes photos for their acoustic sessions.

Purpose of this campaign? To connect with the Gen Y and to reconnect with the proper British heritage and culture of Burberry. In my opinion, it steers Burberry’s ongoing commitment to emerging musicians.

What is Burberry Acoustic?

  • Features a number of different bands promoting products in a way that ties into the company’s identity as an authentic, British brand
  • All songs were performed and recorded exclusively for Burberry.
  • Strives to showcase young, British bands
  • Oftentimes features collaborations
  • Sony and the British Fashion Council paired together to bring forth this campaign
  • iTunes has songs featured on Burberry Acoustic within their online store
  • “Launched in June 2010, [Bailey] conceives exposing Burberry’s increasingly international audience to local musical talents, ultimately widening Burberry’s base and projecting emerging English artists (wearing only Burberry, of course) into the world for all to see.” – Oyster Mag
    • Bailey, mentioned above, is the Chief Creative Officer of Burberry
  • Band videos are shared amongst Burberry social media and feature band members wearing Burberry clothing items

Results of Campaign Efforts

  • Consumers “love” the videos and photos of Burberry’s latest collections and catwalk shows.
    • Very little negative buzz
  • Burberry Acoustic is “pretty cool” and a “nice project.”
    • People love that Burberry is sharing quality music
  • Social media provokes buzz about Burberry products.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.31.49 PM

  • Data is split half and half; half of consumers talk about Burberry after seeing Burberry Acoustic campaigns and the other half only mention the music.
  • A little over 10% mention desire or intent to purchase Burberry products after seeing the campaign.



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