Homework for Week 6

Now that recruitment is over and you’ve had a couple of days to get caught up on your other classes:

It’s time to resume your SMP readings and resource-engagement.

This week, in lieu of any additional readings, you should listen to two podcast episodes between now and Monday, October 6:

Mastering Social Business

Listen to this one first.

This episode provides lots of useful information about Twitter AND it demonstrates how two independent social media marketing professionals are using the podcast to build their small consulting businesses.

Episode: The Secret Twitter Tips That Will Boost Your Engagement


Social Pros Podcast

This one is more about how/why to use podcasting, regardless of your line of business. And it also goes deeper into what it takes to make podcasting a successful form of content marketing for business marketing.

You can stop at the 30 minute point. You don’t have to listen to the entire episode.

Episode: Is Podcasting the Most Underrated Content Marketing Tactic?

You can stream or download the podcast mp3 file here:


You can also access this podcast via iTunes here:


You want to download the episode for July 18, 2014. Again, it’s OK to just listen to the first 30 minutes.


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