Twitter Assignment: September 17

In-Class Twitter Activity                                          

30 points in the Attendance & General Participation Category

Write 2 tweets related to Samford JMC homecoming and/or suitable for use by Samford JMC recruiting.

  • Audience for JMC Homecoming can be current JMC students OR JMC alumni.
  • Audience for JMC recruiting could be for someone who is a high school junior or senior OR an undeclared major.


If you aren’t a JMC major, write 2 tweets about why someone should come to school at Samford.

If you have an existing business, you can write 2 tweets suitable for promoting your business.


Maximum of 100 characters

This allows room for later adding links, photos, or hashtags.

Type into a Twitter compose tweet box (but don’t send it). Screen shot the draft to show the length. Upload your screen shots to class blog on WordPress by placing the screen shot image into your blog post. Once I grade these, I’ll “unpublish” them.

Also type out your tweets in the blog post so I can copy and paste into a spreadsheet for future use.

It took me less than 10 minutes to do the screen shots and publish into a blog post.


I’ll grade on a combination of length + quality. It must be a tweet that Jackie Long can actually use and send out.

My sample tweets:

Here I’m typing a tweet to recruit someone to attend Samford JMC homecoming. Goal is 100 characters.

Demonstrating how to do today’s write a tweet activity. You write a tweet that promotes homecoming.

TwitterExample  Screenshot_2014-09-17-11-16-51


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