Readings & Twitter Activities for Week 4

Here are the readings for Twitter, part 1, along with several activities that will help you begin to use Twitter more effectively for strategic marketing, relationship building and listening:

Remember as you begin to approach Twitter for this course:

Think like a marketer, a professional in the business world, not a student.

Take a look at HootSuite (works with any browser, use the free version) and TweetDeck (web version). Select one (or both) and set up so you can use to monitor social feeds through a browser. You can still use whatever phone apps you prefer for Twitter but I want you to experience the browser-based monitoring experience, too, especially the ability to set up multiple columns for monitoring various streams.

Open up: while you are logged into Twitter and begin to consider which of YOUR  tweets get engagement.

Get acquainted with and how you might use it to do hashtag research.

Readings (you’ll have more later)

7 Simple Twitter Marketing Tips

Review this post from Twitter:

And this post from Twitter

Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook: Begin reviewing the chapter on Twitter


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