Case Study # 1 by Taylor Vassey

Business Name

Virgin America


Service Offered

Virgin America is an airline that offers fights from San Francisco to hotspots in America.

“Live it up at 35,000 feet with fleetwide WiFi, on-demand entertainment, and more on every flight.”

Target Audience

The blog focuses on the younger “modern” generation. Ideal customers are people that desire a cheep and exciting flight experience, and are around the San Francisco area.

Types of Content on the Blog

There are nine creatively named categories on the blog to organize all that is posted.

There is a vast amount of content on the blog, but it all comes back to the business. On on spectrum an article is written about the fresh new fall food offered in first class. On the other end is an article about the companies seven year anniversary.

On the side bar of the blog, there are a few snippets of their Twitter.


This blog is updated sporadically. There is not a constancy with updates.

The Story Being Told

Virgin America is about having the best flight experience possible.  The content of the blog shows all the new and innovative experiences one could find on the plane. This shows that flights do not have to be dull, uninteresting and have stale food but can be vivacious and entertaining. They are set apart from the other airline companies.

Content Marketing

Virgin America does a great job with content marketing and brand journalism. There is a focus on what is offered and what would most appeal to the target audience, and another focus on reaching out to the public through Twitter. The content is extremely helpful to aid the consumer know what they are receiving if they choose to fly with Virgin America.


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