Case Study #1 by Natalie Elyse Wilkinson


Name of business:

The Walt Disney Company, focusing specifically on the Disney Parks Blog.

This blog is specifically focused on blogging for Disneyland resorts, Walt Disney World and Disney cruise lines for The Walt Disney Company, which calls itself a “mass media” corporation.


The Disney Parks Blog is targeted towards two categories of people. Firstly, this blog is for adults planning a vacation to one of the Disney parks, resorts or cruises.  This includes adults planning trips for themselves, for their families and kids, etc. Secondly, this blog is for Disney Parks enthusiasts.  These are the people who want to constantly be updated on events and happenings at the Disney vacation locations, even if they are not in the process of planning a trip to one of these places.  Surprisingly, this blog is not trying to reach children, as it seems that a Disney blog would; it focuses on reaching people who are old enough to be able to plan a trip to one of the Disney locations.

Blog Content:

This blog has 39 different categories that their posts are filed under, which shows how much content variety this blog has, even though all the information still centers around the Disney parks, resorts and cruises. Some examples of categories are “Disney Dining,” “Behind the Scenes” and “Disney Vacation Club.”

Their content keeps people scrolling through their blog because of how creative it is.  Instead of only posting photos or text, the bloggers use many different means to present their information.  For example, there are videos of new attractions, “caption this” contests, travel tips, gifs, photo galleries of past events, basic news updates, polls, etc.  The list of ways in which they present content could go on for quite some time.

Although there are different categories, they almost seem unnecessary, and the sidebar to choose different categories is not extremely obvious if you’re not searching for it.  The content presented on the blog is so colorful, entertaining and has such a wide variety that it keeps readers looking through it, reading information that they may not have initially been searching for.

Blog Updates:

On week days, the blog is updated an average of 5 times per day (based on data from the past 14 week days the blog has posted.)  However, the blog is sometimes updated over 12 times in one day!  On Saturdays and Sundays, the blog is updated less frequently, averaging 2 posts per day.

Story Telling and Brand Journalism:

The Disney Parks Blog tells the story of how the Disney vacation locations are constantly evolving, are always vibrant and are simply great and fun places to be. By reading the blog’s posts, it is evident to readers that the Disney vacation spots have something for everyone, which is where brand journalism comes in.

This blog provides so much content variety that there is most likely something that appeals to all readers, whether they are already planning a trip to a Disney location or are just Disney enthusiasts. The content is geared towards making these people have a strong desire to go to Disney.  For example, if someone was considering planning a Disney trip and stopped by the blog, the blog’s tips and updates on events, as well as in-depth information about happenings at the vacation spots, would encourage the reader to go ahead and book their trip.  Likewise, if a reader was just a Disney enthusiast, the content would feed their love for Disney and likely cause them to start considering a trip to Disney. I know I definitely fell into that second category.  After reading the blog, I feel like I know so much more about all the amenities, events and secrets of the Disney parks.  So, I now really want to go to one of these places since I feel like my experience there would be made even better because of reading this blog.


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