Case Study #1 by Megan Gagliardi


Name of the business:

ShortStack, specifically the SociallyStacked blog –

Fun fact – SociallyStacked & ShortStack refers to pancakes; one of the co-founders is known for making pancakes for his daughter and the name stuck!

Product or service offered:

Socially Stacked is a business blog for Short Stack; essentially, Short Stack is a self-service platform that helps build social, web, and mobile based campaigns. You can create sweepstakes, newsletters, and forms on this site.

Key Features of the blog:

1) Very Organized

2) Subdivided into 5 tabs that were easy to navigate: Home, Social Media Tips, Facebook News, Free Resources, and About Us

3) Call to action to sign up for Newsletters

4) Popular Posts tab that take users to informative articles. Examples include: “The Best Words to Use for Facebook Titles” and “The Data You Collect from a Timeline Promotion Could Change The Way You Do Business.”

Ideal target audience 

SociallyStacked is meant for anybody who wants to be socially media savvy. It’s also designed for businesses such as designers, small businesses, or agencies that are looking to boost their online campaigns.

Types of content on this blog

Social Media Tips

  • Infographics on things such as the types of content that get the best ROI
  • Social media tools you need to succeed
  • How to create perfect posts
  • Opinions from Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Successful Sweepstake Campaign Tips

Facebook News 

Free Resources 

  • free wallpapers
  • free ebooks
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • recommended apps to download

How often is content updated?

Socially Stacked has lots of different authors that add content; there’s even a feature at the bottom of the page where you can sign up to write for them. Items get posted everyday except for Saturdays and Sundays; no exact time stamp is placed on the post.

What story does the blog tell you about the brand?

In my opinion, this blog shows that this brand is very well well-run. Postings are very consistent and almost every post that I read contained helpful information that was laid out in an organized manner and featured infographics that helped me understand things better.

To the right of the blog, they broke every post down into categories that were then clearly-labeled. They had calls to action (Find us on Facebook) as well as an embedded link that allowed you to Like their page directly from the blog. The latest free e-book was featured below their Facebook call to action. Everything looked very professional, colorful, and visually appealing!

Brand Journalism versus Content Marketing

This blog is a great example of brand journalism. It contains factual/compelling articles and features some multimedia pictures and infographics (however, no audio or video). The blog posts make me want to read more due to the their easy-to-understand nature and playful (but, colorful) design template. It doesn’t seem like they are pushing their product on me, however, it is promoted well enough to the point where I want to sign up for e-mail subscriptions.

Along with brand journalism, this blog does represent an example of content marketing. In class, we learned that content marketing are the trees along the path of brand journalism; they work in coordination with one another. SociallyStacked knows their audience and their blogs are shown to draw sales. This blog is great in the fact that it is owned media – they create all of their posts! Their call-to-action buttons on social media and free e-books are just one way they achieve the objective of driving profitable customer action.


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