Case Study #1 By Grace Miserocchi

Company: Mayo Clinic – 

The Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit healthcare system that is internationally known for its medical research and groundbreaking treatments. They have many locations across the United States including, Minnesota, Florida, Arizona and more.


Mayo Clinic is trying to reach people who have been diagnosed with cancer or another serious illnesses and their loved ones.  The blog is meant to showcase Mayo Clinic success stories from all over the country, so any person in these situations can relate to it. It is meant to reach, middle aged or older adults who are having to deal with cancer and other diseases and might be looking at different treatment options either for themselves or their family and friends.


The blog is titled Sharing Mayo Clinic: Stories from patients, families, friends and Mayo clinic staff. The posts contain stories of specific patients and their experience at a certain Mayo Clinic. It tells mainly success stories of how the Mayo Clinic’s innovative medical care helped a patient. At the end of each post there are helpful links that take you to other pages on the mayo clinic website to learn more about the diseases mentioned in the post and how to treat them. Each post contains a unique patient and no two blog posts are the same.

Besides the main blog posts the website also contains other content, such as video guides to orient patients at their facilities, Mayo Brother’s wisdom, a page purely devoted to heart disease stories and a place to tell your own mayo clinic story.

How often is the blog updated?

The blog is updated a couple times a week and sometimes only weekly. The updates are not consistent, sometimes the blog has two to three posts in a week and sometimes only one.

The story being told and brand journalism: 

Mayo Clinic is promoting their brand with each story they tell on their blog. The posts put real faces behind their quality medical treatment and innovative research. They use the blog first as a place to tell their patients and employees stories and second as a marketing tool for the clinic.

They use brand journalism to market the Mayo Clinic and its physicians. Each post is a feature on a certain patient, disease, and treatment. The blog creates a mayo clinic community to appeal to potential clients. They successfully promote the Mayo clinic hospitals and treatments by telling personal success stories.


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