Case Study #1- Billy Reid

Name of Business– Billy Reid Journal

Product- Billy Reid is an American fashion designer from Florence, Al. He specializes in “lo-fi southern-bred luxury”. His stores have expanded from the southern states all the way to New York City.

Audience– The target audience for Billy Reid consists of individuals who enjoy quality southern shopping, food, and entertainment. Although his products have a certain southern twang to them, there are currently Billy Reid locations all over the country, from TX, to AL, to NY.

Journal Content– This blog covers a wide variety of content, and does not simply stick to the BR retail products. There are posts covering music, food, fashion, and community. The journal is an extremely styled one, which helps the reader grasp more of the BR vibe that is so beautifully exemplified in his various retail locations. The journal utilizes videos, pictures, and detailed texts to really give the reader an authentic BR experience.

Updates- The posts are updated very frequently (every several days) which is beneficial to the audience in keeping them updated on the latest trends and events that BR is endorsing.

Story- The Billy Reid story is such an interesting one to me (personally) being Birmingham, AL native fashion lover. This journal tells his story in such a beautiful and well-rounded way. It is not just about the clothing, its the all around southern experience that he desires his shoppers to have no matter where they are (in the country or on a computer screen).

– I really feel like this blog does a wonderful job at storytelling for the brand. It is so different from any other retail experience that shoppers are so accustomed to having these days. BR takes the time to invest in their audience, and to create a brand rather than just sell their product.


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