Case Study #1 By Sarah Korta


Name of Brand:

Ann Taylor (Owned by Parent Company, ANN INC.)

Products and Services Offered:

Ann Taylor is a women’s specialty retail store, offering the modern woman a large array of high-quality fashion pieces to fit her every-day lifestyle.

Target Audience:

Ann Taylor’s target audience is the modern woman. The high-quality collection offers a variety of business appropriate work-wear, while also offering an array of casual options. The clothing is ideal for students, teachers, businesswomen, stay-at-home moms, and any woman that enjoys fashion as well as functionality.

Types of Content:

“Look Both Ways” is the official blog for Ann Taylor. Throughout the blog, the contemporary woman will find a variety of easy-to-navigate content like engaging photos, how-to videos, info graphics, spotlights featuring fascinating and successful women across the county, as well as the latest fashion industry trends.

The How-To guides, photos, info graphics and videos all feature the latest Ann Taylor merchandise. This gives the fashionable woman inspiration to construct and piece together her own fashion creations using Ann Taylor product.

“Look Both Ways” also makes a point of showcasing other fashion websites similar to Ann Taylor, at the bottom of the page. On the right side of the page, readers will see readily accessible social media links, a live Twitter feed, and links to the various content categories.

Examples of the wide variety of categories featured on a weekly basis:

  • #15secondstyle
  • #ANNintransit
  • Lisa’s World
  • 3 Ways to Wear
  • Blogger Style
  • How-To
  • The Changemakers
  • Style for Students
  • Gift Ideas
  • Dressed-Up Denim
  • Chic this Week

How Often is Content Updated?

“Look Both Ways” is updated every two days, if not daily. The different types of content are updated weekly on a rotational schedule. For example, #ANNINTRANSIT is updated nearly every Wednesday, while “3 Ways To Wear” is updated every Monday. “Look Both Ways” does an impressive job in captivating the reader through their consistency in posting a large assortment of content. The reader will always know when to expect her favorite “How-To” guide or what trends are fresh off the runway. This ensures trust between the reader and Ann Taylor.

 Brand Story:

This blog tells the story of the modern woman. In 1954, ANN INC. was built around the idea of the “well-dressed woman”. Today, this idea is embodied through ANN’s mission statement: “To inspire and connect with our clients to put their best selves forward everyday.” The modern woman is constantly evolving, however, her values have mostly stayed the same. A woman wants to look and feel great when she is connecting with others. Women express themselves through their dress, whether at work, home or play.

The easy to wear, affordable pieces make it possible for any woman to be confident and successful, whether she be a CEO, a student or a stay-at-home mom.

Brand Journalism and Content Marketing:

Ann Taylor utilizes brand journalism in nearly every post they write. Every piece of content contributes to the idea that the average woman should be able to feel confident in her own skin. Through its blog posts, “Look Both Ways” acts as every woman’s personal stylist.

Strategically, “Look Both Ways” incorporates Ann Taylor product into virtually every post, making it effortless for the modern woman to re-create her favorite outfits. Every “How-to” and “#15secondstyle” post showcases the latest Ann Taylor clothing and accessories. If the reader feels compelled to buy Ann Taylor merchandise, she can simply click on the post’s link or scroll to the top of the page and click on various links that connect her to Ann Taylor’s online store.

Through brand journalism and content marketing, Ann Taylor has created an informative and unique style destination for the contemporary woman.


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