Case Study #1 by Patrick Ramsay

Name of Business: American Express. Blog name: OPEN Forum

Product or service offered: It offers tips and advice for people trying to build their brands, market, or even simply learn about how to organize finances. Bloggers are able to help business people with their questions and problems.

Target Audience : People that work in businesses, specifically marketing and brand development. It also gives great advice about copyrights, leadership, storytelling, and how to promote your brand. It’s great for a variety of people in the work field, especially young professionals that are in marketing and business.

Content shared on the blog: The content shared on the blog entails advice on turning your business into a brand, what not to do when running a business, and how to make your brand a success. It’s great because there are several topics the bloggers talk about that answer the readers questions when it comes to making their brand popular.

How often the blog is updated: The blog is updated on a daily basis. Each day there are new topics people can read about regarding marketing, business branding, copyrights, and finances. New topics come out everyday and there are several bloggers that post on it, keeping it updated and consistent.

Story that the blog tells about the brand journalism: What’s great about this blog is that American Express is not focusing on how or why someone should bank with them. Instead, they’re focusing on people in the business world that need help developing their brand. It’s great because it answers readers’ questions and several of the bloggers provide thorough information on several topics to help people become successful. It’s absolutely fabulous because it’s showing that they care about the people. They want to form a relationship with their customers and want to prove they’re more than just a bank, they really want to help other companies be successful with their business. It’s great because even at the bottom of the blog one can see customers questions, and see how they are responding to the readers and engaging.


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