Case Study #1 by Kaitlyn Bouchillon


Name of the business:

General Electric, specifically their Tumblr page:

Slogan: imagination at work

General Electric, often called GE, builds appliances and leads the way in finding solutions for lighting, power systems, and other products. They are well-known for delivering a quarter of the world’s energy.


Their target audience is described as “a community for science and tech geeks.”

This Tumblr page does a great job of providing a variety of relevant and interesting content related to science and energy.

Content of the blog:

The content of the Tumblr is mostly images and graphics or GIFS. Almost all images are either futuristic or old black and white photos.

Some of the images are from outside sources but others are a behind-the-scenes look at GE plants or processes. The Tumblr also features videos from the GE YouTube channel.

Each post includes a caption and several tags. Often, the caption will include links that take the reader to other sources or to the GE website. All posts also include social media sharing buttons, making it easy for readers to share the Tumblr content on Facebook or Twitter, among other social media channels.

While there is a main GE Tumblr page, within the page they have ten different categories that are featured in the left side bar. The four main categories include:

Additionally, GE has two Tumblr streams that promote interaction with readers. #6SecondScienceFair encourages people to create a six second Vine about science and then upload it to the site where it can be viewed and shared. Their Tumblr also hosts #SpringBreakIt, which shows behind-the-scenes videos and images of how GE tests materials in their laboratories. These tests show how materials melt, bend and shatter.

Both of these hashtag categories are interactive while also promoting the GE brand.

How often the blog is updated:

The specific category streams are updated on average about every month, but some have not been updated since early 2014. The main page, however, is updated 1-2 times a day on average. There does not appear to be a set schedule, as they do not post on the same weekdays each week.

The story being told and brand journalism:

General Electric is focused on innovating, imagining and doing. Their Tumblr page promotes their own creations but also promotes creativity in others. It shows consistency in their brand identity and marketing by having the same four categories on both their website About Us overview and their Tumblr: Moving, Curing, Powering and Building.

They use Content Marketing by showing their own plants and behind-the-scenes images, but their variety of messages and pictures shows that they are also doing well in brand marketing. By featuring both their own content as well as the content of others, they appear knowledgeable and current in the category of technology and science. At the same time, they effectively show that technology can be fun through GIFs and their hashtag channels.


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