Case Study #1: Marriott on the Move (Yasmeen Ebada)

Name of business or brand: 

Marriott International Hotels. Blog name: Marriott on the move.

Product or service offered:

International hotel branch.

Target audience:

Anyone who travels a lot and stays in hotels (ex. businessmen), and it could also be anyone because the blog covers a lot of different categories. Some examples are: books, brands current affairs, diversity, education, employment, environment, favorites, film, food and drink, games, government, music, operations, personal religion, science, service, sports, technology, television, travel, web/tech, and weblogs.

Content shared on the blog:

Leadership and management tips, life lessons, personal and influential stories about Bill Marriot’s life.

The content update:

They post once a week and it could be in any category.

Story that the blog tells about the brand:

That they are not just trying to convince you to stay at the Marriott hotels. The different categories that you can pick to read from have absolutely nothing to do with Marriott hotels. They also want to hear from us. They want to hear about the people’s experiences while they stayed at the Marriott hotels, especially if it is bad so that they can work on ways to improve in those specific areas. The story that they are telling us shows us that Bill Marriott cares about the people and that’s what makes us want to stay there.

Brand journalism:

By posting all of these blogs about life lessons, leadership and management tips, best influential books and etc. they are indirectly convincing you that you should stay at the Marriott hotels. They make you learn more about Marriott hotels by talking about everything but the hotel itself. The life lessons and leadership blog posts make you want to stay at the Marriot hotel. That is how Bill Marriott indirectly convinces people to stay at the Marriott, by showing the reader that he cares about people as well.


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