Pinterest Business Analytics -Jenna and Jasmine

Pinterest Business Analytics Overview

Since Pinterest now has 70 million users worldwide, it is time for businesses to seriously look into how the 4th most popular social media site can help them with their marketing and business plan as a whole.

 Pinterest is a website that allows people to put together, in one location via multiple boards, things they love, wish for and find interesting. Pinterest Business Analytics (PBA), released in March 2013, is a service run by Pinterest on their Pinterest for Business website.  PBA is used so that businesses can see the reception to their website on Pinterest.  This is done by analyzing the response to your Pins via repining pictures from your company website and how many clicks your pictures are getting. The site allows you to specify a time period so that your business can see the trends over time. PBA allows businesses to see which Pins and which type of Pins are the most shared, giving you valuable information in restructuring your company’s website or Pinterest page.

Setting Up An Account

Setting up an account with PBA is very simple. The business just has to:

  1. Create a business account on Pinterest.
  2. Verify the account so other users know it’s official.
  3. Add the “Pit It” button to your site.


The Pinterest for Business website has a sidebar where they list useful information like Pinning Principles, What’s Pinterest, Success stories and a link to the company blog.

Main goals of PBA

  • Track your activity
  • Learn what pinners like
  • See your analytics

A video walkthrough of how it works:

 Used in a Social Media Marketing Campaign

PBA can come in handy in any social media marketing campaign because when running a campaign, companies can build a Pinterest page and set up an account with PBA. Analytics are always useful for a company to see what areas they are succeeding in and what areas need more work. In the Rich Pins section on the homepage, Pinterest for Business provides users with a list of things they can do to make their page easier to access, like letting a user know where they can buy an item and exactly how much it will cost them. For example, for food Pinners, instead of just putting the link to the recipe suggested, they recommend copying the recipe into the description box to make it more convenient for the user. Rich Pins adds extra things to a companies pin to make it stand out more regarding quality, as well as an entertainment level.

Case Studies

Pinterest has shared case studies about two businesses who have a Pinterest account: Etsy and ELLE.

In the case of Etsy, they started realizing that people were pinning Etsy products, so they then added a “Pin it” button to every product on their website. Aside from their products, they also want to interact with their customers and pin the types of things that will gain interest and circulate well across the site.

“Our goal is inspiration—not just sales. We showcase Etsy’s values to drive loyalty and engagement, and we post things that resonate with our community. We maintain a careful balance of Etsy items and other content pinned to maintain authenticity with our audience.” Alison Feldmann, Editor in Chief.

ELLE hopes to use Pinterest for inspiration as well. They want to help pinners find more fashion contest, and also use it to learn what their users want. Through using Pinterest business analytics, Elle has been able to see that Pinterest is the number 1 referrer to They can now see which content is causing these trends so they can in turn, give pinners more of what they want to see.

“ELLE uses Pinterest to inspire women to explore and celebrate their own style in all aspects of their lives.”-Brian Madden, Executive Director of Audience Development and Social Media.


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