– Madison Miles and John Dickson

This semester we’ve learned one of the effective ways to create dialogue with the consumer is to have giveaways. Have you ever wondered how companies analyze and pick winners from Facebook posts? Some giveaway posts can have hundreds or even thousands of likes and comments. How can a company fairly select a winner or winners?

Enter This online tool was designed as the solution to the scenario above. is extremely easy to use and is fast. Your end product is spreadsheet with information on every like or comment on the selected post.

Here is what the setup looks like:

1) Open, click Connect Now


2) Allow to have access to your Facebook

3 2

3) Select which page and which post you would like to analyze


4) Go to downloads folder, and open the CSV file


The main glaring whole with this program is after the data collection. It provides the data collection and makes it easily accessible in a spreadsheet; however, there is little you can do with the information after that. There isn’t a good way to select a participant or participants at random, at least not in Microsoft Excel, which is generally the default spreadsheet viewer.

To remedy this problem, one could move the data to a different program such as Minitab or simply use a different Facebook analytics program. Other highly touted programs that should be considered are Woobox and FanPage Karma’s “Good Luck Fairy” app.


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