Mini Report 2

Viewbix and Leadplayer

Rachael Headley



 Viewbix is an online video player that allows subscribers to produce video content with interactive applications to assist in accomplishing their business goals.  This is used to allow video sharing in a mobile, social networking and traditional Internet formats with additional abilities to provide opportunity for a “call to action” for the viewer.  These apps allow the viewer to interact with the company while still watching the video.

More than 20% of viewers that watch videos on Viewbix either click the call to action or interact with another one of the applications. Viewbix also tracks each interaction and creates reports so that the subscriber can understand what interactions are most effective in their video players.

Viewbix supports:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Vimeo Pro
  • Other third party videos


  • Free version: One player
  • Gold version: $9.99/month for annual subscription, or $14.99 on a monthly basis
    • 100 players
    • removes ads
    • analytics
    • Platinum version: $19.99/month for annual subscription, or $29.99 on a monthly basis
      • Everything included in Gold
      • 500 players
      • Video galleries and SEO



Extremely similar to Viewbix, but has a much better website and seems to have several more features.

Special Features

  • Opt-in boxes
  • Call to action
  • No  hosting fee
  • No on-going or monthly fee
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • our friend, Pat Flynn, uses it

The first page of the website, there is a demo video to guide you through the website as well as educate you about the product. The demo video (link below) is really clever because while explaining the e-mail opt-in box app and the call to action app they are using it on you.

Another option that leadplayer has is that they offer a free course on how to use and also use a video blog to keep you current on new features, how to better use specific features and other relevant content.

How to use these services in a social marketing campaign?

There are so many ways this idea could be used to market business of all kinds, but I’m going to select the scenario of a non profit.

Facebook, Twitter and blogs are absolute staples to the success of a non-profit. Since non-profits basically work on the support of people and word of mouth is essential for people to hear about it, social sharing is a way that has really enabled these organizations to grow and reach people that have never before been possible. Videobix and leadplayer have apps on the side of the players that enable sharing on social networks to help spread the word of the video that has been produced.

Another important feature that leadplayer offers is the e-mail opt-in function. That way, even if someone doesn’t really realize it, they can supply their e-mail to you for the ever important e-mail blasts.

The call to action buttons in both players can take on several forms. Some call to action buttons are along the bottom banner of the video asking the viewer to “sign up now!” or “click here to learn more!” but an extremely useful call to action for a non profit is a donate button. The video could be an intensely moving video and have a donate button on the screen to drive the viewer to donate to the cause.

I believe the video for the Humane Society below by Viewbix  did a really great job of providing the opportunity for the apps to be used without the necessity for those who aren’t as tech savvy to understand  them all.—-/d23f740ba2e94361b6d67bc2def052d9


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