Music Roundup Podcast Show Notes

Show Notes-L&J-Episode 5-Music Roundup (Cameron Thomas, Lyanna Saito and Jasmine Swift)

L&J is a podcast set up like a radio show. We normally travel around the south to get familiarized with a city’s local music scene, but in episode five we took a break from traveling and set up in our studio to host music critic Cameron Thomas. Cameron visited the studio to showcase new local artists here in Birmingham as well as to join the discussion on new artist Lorde, and veterans Miley Cyrus and Drake. Cameron’s perspective is of a national music critic, whose show is broadcasted weekly on XM radio. The scheduling of this show was to give the normal listeners an outlook beyond the local talent of Birmingham. His invitation was that of his relationship with L&J over the years. The show itself was to branch out and discuss national hot music topics.

The first artist highlighted was Lorde, a sixteen year old breakout artist from New Zealand who has more depth and maturity to her music than that of someone who has been in the business for years. As a newcomer, we compared her to a sixteen year old Miley Cyrus; the difference being that Lorde has a bit of a potty mouth compared to Miley at that age. That being said, we bring to attention that she is also from another country. We all approve of her recent album, Pure Heroine, and allowed the audience to listen to a sample of “Team”, one of our favorite picks off the record. The music on this album is very addictive, with both catchy rhythms and brilliant lyrics.

We transitioned from Lorde to Miley Cyrus herself. Miley Cyrus just released her album Bangerz which shot to the top of the Billboard 200 the day it was released. Her album was soulful, vulnerable, upbeat and included her rapping all at the same time. We had to include a sample of “Wrecking Ball,” her latest single on the new album. It is definitely one of the best albums this year. We couldn’t talk about Miley without her famous VMA performance. Miley came out at the VMA’s twerking, tongue hanging out of her mouth in a skimpy bear costume. Her performance received an incredible amount of attention from news outlets, YouTube and most of all from social media. Twitter uproared from praises to criticisms of the newly reborn singer. Miley’s VMA and SNL performances were very strategic. People say that she has lost it and that she doesn’t know what she’s doing. We all agreed that her performances were a brilliant move. She got everyone talking, and for a long while. She was quoted saying, “Why let people talk for two minutes when you can have them talking for two weeks.” That is exactly what happened because people are still talking about her. All the hype made her a shoo in for that top album spot. We agree that she is at times inappropriate but we also agree that she has never sounded better.

Lastly we talked about the crooner Drake, a less complicated artist than the past two. We talked about Drake’s album and his hit single “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” Drake’s music is catchy as well as sad. Drake’s music is listened to when someone is said to be “in their feelings”, or moody. Drake’s album is a chart-topping masterpiece, we have no doubt that he will be a contender for a Grammy is some category.


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