Show Notes

“What Do I Do Now?” Show Notes
Rachael Headley

Welcome to the first episode of “What Do I Do Now?” If you’re in college, a recent graduate, any age just applying for a new job, or trying to find a way to navigate the waters of office life, you’re in the right place.

This focus of this first episode is going to be getting a job; whether it’s your first or just a new one; moving up the ladder, so to speak. At this point, you’ve either never been in the game, or you’ve been out of the game for a while, so you probably have a lot of questions.

The 2 sections of this podcast will be:

  • Resume Tips
  • Interview Tips


  • Part One: Name
  • Part Two: Heading
  • Part Three: Education
  • Part Four: Honors or Achievements (Optional)
  • Part Five: Work Experience.
  • Part Six: Extra-Curricular activities (optional)
  • Part Seven: Volunteer (Optional)
  • Part Eight: Technology
  • Part Nine: Social Media

** DO NOT EVER SAY, “references available upon request” or “available for interview”. Yeah, those things should go without saying. Prepare a list of references of people that you have PREVIOUSLY asked if they would mind serving as your reference, emphasis on “asked”. And you’re available for interview. Well, no kidding, you applied for the job.

Please proofread your resume, ask your friend to proofread your resume, and ask your neighbor, or whoever. This is super important. Spell check can miss things, you can miss things, your friend can miss things, but usually after three different sets of eyes look something over, you can feel pretty confident that its at least spelling and grammar error free.

When it comes to cover letters, those are so dependent on the position that you are applying for, that it’s very difficult to even touch on that. A cover letter is meant to tell your potential employer why he or she should hire you. I can’t tell you why he or she should hire you. Only you know why he or she should hire you. I recommend you ask yourself questions like: “Why do I want this job?” “What could I bring to the table to really benefit [insert company here]?” “What strengths do I have that are crucial to being an indispensable employee?” Oh, and p.s. strengths are more than words like “energetic” and “willing to learn”. Show them.


  • Be prepared for the interview.
  • Before you go into your interview, relax.

I hope all of you find this helpful, my next episode is titled “How to go out on a good note at your not so good job- keeping those influential big wigs on your side”. So tune in next time to hear about how to stay in the good graces of your boss at your dead end, check-stamping job. A list of episodes to come will also be provided in the show notes. Thanks for listening guys.

First Episode: Resume tips and interviewing

Second Episode: How to go out on a good note at your not so good job- keeping those influential big wigs on your side

Third Episode: Attire lessons- what’s business casual, casual, and all forms of confusing attire lingo

Fourth Episode: Keeping out of office drama- leaving work at work

Fifth Episode: Healthy tips for a busy schedule


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