Show Notes for Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival with Halley Smith and Taylor Pigman

Episode 1

Our podcast covers the topic of wilderness survival and camping and all things that relate to the outdoors.  We developed a short series of podcasts that cover the topics of: how to build fires, wilderness first aid, how to find shelter, how to start tracking animals and how to handle yourself if you’re in a worst case scenario. 

In our first podcast, we discussed how to build a fire.  Halley is a seasoned camper, Taylor is not, so the series is based off Halley teaching Taylor skills that would help her survive in the wilderness.  We built the series off the premise that some of our listeners would also be unaware of unknowledgeable about wilderness survival skills.  It is our goal to teach them, as Halley teaches Taylor.

Outline of Episode 1

I. Introductions

            Halley and Taylor introduce themselves and give listeners their background information.  They inform listeners of how much or how little they know about camping.

II. What Halley and Taylor Want to Accomplish

            Halley and Taylor give listeners a brief overview of what other episodes they can expect from the series.  They also give listeners a brief summary of what this specific episode is about.

III. Teaching Wilderness Skills to Beginners

            Our first episode is about how to build a fire.  We cover the basic steps of what materials are needed, what type of base is best for starting fires and other helpful tips to starting fires.

IV. Location

            When building a fire, location of your fire is key.  Halley and Taylor explain to listeners what type of location is best when looking to build a fire.  Clear openings, away from trees are best.  One must be sure to start their fire away from brush and low hanging trees, as to not start a forest fire.

V. Sticks to Look for When Building a Fire

            It is important to start out looking for smaller sticks when first building a fire.  Gradually place larger sticks into the fire.  The larger the stick, the higher the heat of your fire will be. 

VI. Teepee Structure

            When placing sticks in the fire, there is a certain way to place them.  Begin with your smaller sticks in a teepee formation.  Gradually build up with larger sticks.  Once the fire is large enough, stack your largest sticks around the fire.

 VII. Putting Out Fires

            Before leaving your campsite, it is important to be sure that your fire is completely out. Without ensuring that your fire is completely out, it is easy for it to spread and start forest fires.  Be sure to have a water bottle to help you put our your fire.

 VIII. Closing Remarks

            Halley and Taylor thank their listeners for tuning in to the show and invite them back next week for the next episode.



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