Show Notes.

Show Notes- 008 – Bamacast – Episode 1: Gulf Shores- Jenna Sims and Mary Lyndal

We begin the show by giving an overview of what our series looks like and a small overview of what each episode is going to be.

To begin the Gulf Shores portion, we share some background information such as population and location.

We then move on to some personal interviews with people to see what their favorite things to do in Gulf Shores are.

Guests: (Our guests on the show were all just friends of ours that love Gulf Shores and talked about some of their favorite things to do there.)

Rachel Sims-Talks about The Wharf shopping, restaurants and the Ferris wheel

Heather Chambers- Her favorite is Bahama Bob’s, especially the Bahama Bob’s burger and coconut shrimp

Kayla Turner- Talks about the Tanger Outlets listing some of her favorite stores and then moves on to the tradition of Lamberts Cafe

We then move on to what a typical day schedule would look like if you visit Gulf Shores including some of our favorite restaurants and things to do after dinner.

The next topic is lodging including the different types of options and some of our personal favorite places to stay.

We then cover different festivals and events that take place in Gulf Shores throughout the year so people can look into planning a trip to take advantage of the different activities.

We end our podcast with Weather Enthusiast Chase Higginbotham who shares what the weather will look life in Gulf Shores for the following weekend in case people want to plan their visit!




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