Podcast “Show Notes”

Drew Hall and I’s podcast is about defining and marketing your photography style.

• Begin with introductions about ourselves

• Discuss both of our journeys in photography thus far, talking about how we became interested in the topic and where we stand as amateurs in the field

• We briefly talk about the importance of finding your style in photography

• Wedding photographer Liz Bacon gives her input on how she defines her photography style and offers insight into how the listener can do the same

• We ask a few thought-provoking questions for the listener on photography style

• We transition to advising how to define your style

• Drew and I talk about how we classify ourselves as photographers

• Liz gives more insight into being niched: feel free to dabble in different styles, but figure out what you really love to capture

Marketing your style is next

• We use our knowledge from SMP to stress the importance of consistent branding across social media hosts and profiles, keeping your business vision at the forefront of your ventures and engaging with your clients once they know what your photography style is

• Liz talks about how social media has affected her photography business

• We wrap up with overviewing the three topics we emphasized: importance of defining your style, defining your style and marketing your style

• We offer a substantial list of resources for inspiration and learning


Listed resources:

Liz Bacon, guest wedding photographer: http://www.ebphotography.org

Jeremy Cowart, photographer: http://www.jeremycowart.com

Scott Kelby, photoshop wiz: http://www.kelbytraining.com

Joe McNally, lighting wiz: http://www.joemcnally.com


Zack Arias, photographer: http://www.zackarias.com

Nate Zeman, photographer: http://www.natezeman.com

Mario Testino, photographer: http://www.mariotestino.com

Help-Portrait, non-profit organization: http://www.help-portrait.com

Picture Change, non-profit organization: http://www.picture-change.org

100cameras: non-profit organization: http://www.100cameras.org




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