podcast notes

Episode 003: Wedding World Wisdom: Interview with a Master Bridal Consultant

This episode involves an interview with Alene Gamel, a certified master bridal consultant who has run her own wedding company for 12 years. As the head of I Do, I Do Wedding Planning and Consulting, she plans many large-scale events each year and has become well known for her wonderful work throughout Alabama. This podcast serves to offer her wisdom about the wedding industry to those who are in the process of planning a wedding or are simply curious to know more about what wedding planning is like.

Alene describes everything that her job entails from beginning the planning process to working with different budgets.

We discuss the importance of social media in her business and how Pinterest and Facebook advertising have especially helped her business grow.

We address the misconceptions about careers in the wedding industry.

Alene discusses the timeline of the planning process.

Alene talks about what should be the best ways to get the planning process started and what the top priorities should be.

Alene shares her tips on working with different vendors for weddings.

We discuss the perks of having a wedding planner involved when a bride is planning her wedding as opposed to doing it herself.

Link to Alene’s website:



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