Noah’s Ark Pet Rescue

By: Eleanor Stenner, Halley Smith, Taylor Pigman

Objective: to get more people to adopt animals from Noah’s Ark Pet Rescue and to raise money to send animals to New England if centers in Alabama are at maximum capacity

People: people wanting to adopt animals, people thinking about adopting animals, passionate animal lovers, families with young children, graduated college students, empty nesters


1. Videos on how to navigate the adoption process


2. Videos on training animals, how-to’s


3. Dramatic dog photo shoots


4. Videos of hands-on, behind-the-scenes action in the rescue center

Pets Creature Rescue Waggin

5. Charity dog wash: invite people in the community to either wash their dogs or wash dogs at the shelter. It might make them want to buy! Post on social media networks. “Workin at the dog wash, yeah yeah yeahhhhhh, at the dog wash heyyyyy”


6. Create more jobs for high school students. Get them to advocate working there because it’s FUN. Create an experience and emotional attachment so students will persuade their parents to adopt an animal.


1. Blog-style website

2. Instagram: people with animals, adoption process stories, charity events, fundraising

3. Facebook: “Animals of Birmingham” — feature the back stories of animals, emotional connections. Humans of New York style stories

4. Twitter: tweet instagram links, promote charity events, refer people to website and video links

5. Pinterest: dog photo shoots, videos, how to train, animal toys


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