Healthy Meals for Healthy Families

By: Mary Lyndal Harrison, Jenna Sims, Jasmine Swift, and Drew Hall

We are licensed nutritionist who provide in-home nutritional consulting for busy families on a one time or continuing basis 


  • A busy family with three young kids (a ten, five and a two year old).
  • The parents are active, dividing their time between sports, work and school.
  • They have minimal time to cook so they try to find healthy meals for their kids.


  • Add more clients
  • Engage current clients who want ongoing consultations.
  • SMART goals: Over the next six months out goal is to acquire ten new families with five being long-time and five being one-time only.


  • Over the next six months we are going to develop a presence on Facebook, blogging sites and Pinterest that furthers our objectives of building brand awareness and legitimacy for this company.


  • 2 minute weekly video shared via Facebook (shows caliber of work the nutritionist can provide)

           -Expert demonstration in the home or online (entire demonstration is videoed and

            photographed to be distributed via social media outlets).

           -Video interviews of satisfied customers.

  • Blogging about healthy brands, snack choices and links to healthy recipes.
  • Pinterest boards for menus, snack ideas, places to shop, coupons. 

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