Easy Green In-Class Activity


-homeowners with yards

-age range: 30s-50s

-upper-middle class income


-Add 10 new accounts and renew 90 percent of previous year’s accounts through digital media

“Talking” – use the groundswell to spread messages about your company


-Using social media outlets specific for our age group and their interests to spread content about Easy Green


-Facebook: weekly posts designed to inspire clients to keep up with a beautiful lawn, photo album contest for “the most beautiful lawn award” for our followers, links to our blog site featuring longer messages and more detailed information and step-by-step lawn care posts

-YouTube: tutorials on correlate with our Facebook/blog posts (ex. best way to keep your lawn green), will be embedded in our blog posts as well

-Referral Program: Through Facebook and blog there will be a “coupon” that existing customers will give their neighbors, friends, etc. with their information included to receive a discount on their Easy Green services to encourage new business and creating loyal customers

How we will measure our success:

-Through referral program numbers

-Google Analytics

by: Rebecca, Emma, Madison and Anna Smith



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